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    Pig143 posted...
    Retracting "s***ty" to "average at best" isn't much of a retractment and it still supports my claim that the story didn't have any impact

    So basically they swayed the simple minded who still didn't care for the story with a cheap trick

    Also considering that thread at the moment only has 29 post and multiple one are from the same people those two aren't that much less

    Wicked_T_Wraith posted...
    No, it doesn't.
    And it's a retractment, regardless of the degree.

    That's a nice way of insulting the same two people you insisted validated your opinion.

    So why use that thread as an example to try and further your argument if it wasn't even a notable sample size?

    Yes it does, average at best. in other words, no real impact.

    When people are easily manipulated am i suppose to praise them
    My point is not everyone liked the story and some were swayed by the cheap tactic ending

    i used the thread to show that some people saw the story as not good aside from the ending
    Also those "two people" weren't that outnumbered in that thread like you make them out to be
    TheAntiZealot posted...
    I'm surprised that you didn't mention JJJ.

    in my opinion JJJ is one of the things they did well, but to be fair the guy writes himself despite the fact it's getting old for some
    Hackers win at games but they still lose at life, i used to hate them but then i realized they have to cheat so now i just feel sorry for them.