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    Wicked_T_Wraith posted...
    in the thread you linked, the majority of posters didn't state anything along the lines of what you've said. Only the topic creator and one other person within.

    Hell, the topic creator even retracts their initial statement of the story being "s***ty"

    Retracting "s***ty" to "average at best" isn't much of a retractment and it still supports my claim that the story didn't have any impact
    So basically they swayed the simple minded who still didn't care for the story with a cheap trick

    Also considering that thread at the moment only has 29 post and multiple one are from the same people those two aren't that much less
    Hackers win at games but they still lose at life, i used to hate them but then i realized they have to cheat so now i just feel sorry for them.