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3 months ago#141
Redmacabre posted...
DEADLY SHAD0W posted...
Did anyone else redeem the Spiderman avatar gift from Playstation for getting the platinum?

Wait, what?

I got a avatar when I downloaded the free theme.

I'm not talking about the white spider avatar. The avatar for getting platinum is a head shot pic of Spiderman.

User Info: chang3ling

3 months ago#142
DEADLY SHAD0W posted...
Did anyone else redeem the Spiderman avatar gift from Playstation for getting the platinum?

Lots of people did I'm sure. I, for one, did.
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User Info: thoul

3 months ago#143
Finally did it last night, that was a fun game. Haven't decided if I want to get the DLC yet or not. I was going to at one point, but the DLC suits look like a disappointment to me.

User Info: TheAntiZealot

2 months ago#144
What does it take to get "Platinum?"
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TheAntiZealot posted...
What does it take to get "Platinum?"

get all of the trophies in the game on the trophies section.(Bronze,Silver,Gold and Platinum).
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User Info: W_R

2 months ago#146
Great jobs Fernystein, DEADLY SHAD0W, CardboardBox123, BosSBaer, ChickenBot, andytu, Aka_no_Tsuki, FreehandmartC, videogamer89641, Redmacabre, thegreatwumbo, Lord_Sypher, fatboy326556, Rafficus_III, and thoul! :o)

ChickenBot, definitely not, never too late to sign! ;-)

andytu, no you had not signed yet. Delayed congratulations, and good job! :o)

Aka_no_Tsuki, I agree it wasn't too bad, and there was only 1 fight that gave me any trouble on ultimate. Might be different if it wasn't new game+ though.

Thanks to everyone who debunked the nonsense digitalwill2000 was peddling. I've had some "haters" come into my plat threads in the past. But nothing like what we're seeing in this Spider-man thread. :\

FreehandmartC, hope you're liking the DLC. :) Also you can update your profile on psnprofiles manually under your username in the right hand corner. I actually upgraded to a lifetime premium membership (only cost $10) because that site takes *forever* to update on its own otherwise. Months sometimes. Now my profile updates every 6 hours automatically.

Redmacabre, can't blame you. Spoilers suck! Especially in this game, you do *not* want to be spoiled on how the story comes together. Great job on the plat though! :o) Don't know if I'd go all the way with 10/10 but 9.5/10 or at least 9/10 for me. :o)

fatboy326556, as a tip, if you use the new patched in difficulty Friendly Neighborhood (one below Friendly) than all Screwball combat challenges are a breeze. Non-combat challenges can still be a pain though. The worst was the *final* challenge against her. Uggh

Rafficus_III, nice job platting it so fast! :-) Yeah I jumped back in too, but I waited a month to let it simmer a bit.

DEADLY SHAD0W, I got that, yeah!

thoul, honestly I think the DLC is worth it regardless of the suits. I never even used a single one of them or even tried them out and I still liked the DLC. Well I can see where you're coming from though. The DLC is less enjoyable than the main game. It definitely felt like some filler, though still fun!

Great job you guys. [-:

User Info: trakaar

2 months ago#147
Signed. Great game

User Info: OreoCookiez

2 months ago#148
(John 3:16) for God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

User Info: zhangliao1

2 months ago#149
signed. one of the best games ever
"There are many children's books that teach morals, but I don't go around worshipping mother goose." - Dynalo

User Info: SheenavsKilley

2 months ago#150
zhangliao1 posted...
signed. one of the best games ever

It's just another good game. Nothing special. Certainly not one of the best games out there.
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