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  3. How did this get 9s and 10s...?

User Info: KarmelCHAOS

5 months ago#11
Jarvissan posted...
LostOdyssey17 posted...
This game, in my opinion, is extremely mediocre at BEST.

Combat is just variations of repeatedly pressing the square button for various lengths of time.

Any movement that isn't webslinging is like original Assassin's Creed level of bad.

33% through the campaign and literally NOTHING has happened besides the Osborne interaction.

Highly disappointed.


User Info: hyjinx17

5 months ago#12
Pig143 posted...
Well apparently TC prefers funeral minigame RPG
1:49 mark, so i guess this is better than Spider-Man to him

I mean Lost Odyssey is absolutely better than Spider-Man, but Spider-Man's still pretty good.
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User Info: jstoru216

5 months ago#13
Okay Bud, you're entitled to your bad taste.

User Info: Tidus1012

5 months ago#14
Your life has been a lost odyssey it seems.
I am a self-proclaimed pluviophile.

User Info: Sas6D9

5 months ago#15
Why have a dumb ass political sig for a gaming website? That’s like having a sig about monkeys while on a forum about monster trucks

User Info: CyberSickness

5 months ago#16
Your tears are delicious.

User Info: Hylian-Hero

5 months ago#17
I have to agree with you, this game isn't the most amazing Spider-Man game. There's more boss fights on the PS1 Spider-Man game. I get people get super defensive about their favourite games, but its his opinion. Honestly, this game is like a solid 7/10 game for me.

User Info: BobbyBrownLove

5 months ago#18

User Info: dompa

5 months ago#19
Because people have different opinions than you? Is that so weird? If anything maybe you are the weird one, since most people think this is a 9 or 10. Your the odd one out obviously.
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User Info: Shinstrike

5 months ago#20
considering your name, it does not surprise me you have such s*** taste
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