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  3. Why is carnage ignored and forgotten

User Info: Waytoodeep03

5 months ago#1
In movies and games and such. Its always sinister 6 crew and venom.

They never give carnage any love or airtime

User Info: SigmaSlash

5 months ago#2
Well, for starters, Carnage needs Venom to be set up. Secondly, that's not true. Carnage shows up in plenty of video games, like Shattered Dimensions, PS1 Spidey, Friend or Foe, and other games. To say nothing of the fact that he was the final boss of Amazing Spider-Man 2's game.

You want to talk about villains who don't show up in games? When was the last time you saw Roderick Kingsley as Hobgoblin in a game? Or how about Hydro Man?
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User Info: Grimlock64

5 months ago#3
When was the last time any Hobgoblin was in a game period?
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User Info: ss21vegito

5 months ago#4
Grimlock64 posted...
When was the last time any Hobgoblin was in a game period?

Who wanted him in a game? He is a knock off Green Goblin. If we only had one goblins I'd ask for Green.

Raimi set up for Hobgoblin, but made something far worse.

User Info: IamRevan24

5 months ago#5
If anything I'd say because he's a little extreme for a game shooting for an E or T rating.
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User Info: ssjmole

5 months ago#6
Isn't he in Lego marvel games , amazing 2 and the venom movie just to name a few in recent years.
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User Info: MJWatsonJackpot

5 months ago#7
He was literally in the last Spider-Man game (TASM2)


Ultimate Spider-Man


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 1 and 2

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User Info: Bloody_Moon1

5 months ago#8
Carnage is usually too violent to be included in most Spider-Man movies and shows, so he's not as well known as Venom and the 6, so he doesn't get included in the games as much.
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User Info: DualShockCell

5 months ago#9
Because hes red.

User Info: George_Sears

5 months ago#10
Carnage and Venom are best left in the 90s. Awful edgy villains.
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