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User Info: Zeldameister

3 years ago#1
Seriously! This game sucks balls! I've never played a Jump'n Run that is so damn insane difficult than this one! Holy s*** are they nuts?! Almost every level is terrible hard! Omg!
It's a miracle that I even reached Island 2 but these levels are pure bulls***! Ripper Roo Boss-Battle was a pain in the butt and The Lost City was frustrating like hell!

These god damn Temple Ruins are the next piece of s***! How in the world are you supposed to even beat this insane level?! Crash slips off the pillars every single time!
WTF is wrong with the Jump Physics in this game? You can barely calculate your jumps and most of the time Crash just fall off for the dumbest reasons! Seriously what is this?!

And I thought Rayman Origins was difficult, but Crash 1 is on a whole different level of difficulty! This isn't normal, this is truly insane! And getting Aku-Aku is way too rare!
You get him at the beginning of the level, but then you'll never see him until you die a dozen times and you get him by default, because the developers feel sorry for you!

The next thing are these damn boxes! There are some levels where it's nearly impossible to break them all! Because before you break all boxes, the game breaks you!
How should I ever finish a level with all boxes destroyed AND without dying even once?! This game is rated for 6 years! HOW SHOULD A 6-YEAR OLD CHILD BEAT THIS GAME?!

User Info: LordFarquad1312

3 years ago#2
Zeldameister posted...

You're right. I was like 8 when I beat it.
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User Info: BurnDownTheFort

3 years ago#3
It's not that hard. Git Gud.
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User Info: MrAero

3 years ago#4
Play Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels and then come back complaining about Crash 1's difficulty

User Info: FuumaBandicoot

3 years ago#5
LordFarquad1312 posted...
Zeldameister posted...

You're right. I was like 8 when I beat it.

I was like... 5. Haha

The only thing wrong with Crash 1 is that some hitboxes are a bit off. Shouldn't take long until it's patched. If people still complain after that then they just suck.

User Info: re_ru

3 years ago#6
I can't take you seriously.
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User Info: Dread_Breaker44

3 years ago#7
This game sucks, it's too hard.
Hahahahaha literally git gud. It feels so nice seeing people fail at crash, cos it isn't a hand-holding interactive movie like most games nowadays
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User Info: Billysan

3 years ago#8
In terms of this version of Crash 1, the levels were designed around an entirely different set of jump physics and hitboxes.

User Info: Barkermush

3 years ago#9
It's do'able, I'm a noob at platformers.. but I got to the end of the normal story. Took alot of effort, and replaying levels over and over.. but I got there.

There were times when I felt like I wanted to smash my controller as I died at the same jump spot over and over (aka, the end jump part of the lab level,, with the random electric pole and fall away floor behind the door you have to spin open)

User Info: TheMagica

3 years ago#10
Take your time until you're accustomed to the controls. It's the hardest in the trilogy so don't feel bad if you ended up dying a lot. I've done almost everything in Crash 1 besides a few relics, and I died many times in the process.

The drop shadow helps a lot when trying to judge distance, especially in the 3D levels. Some of the jumps are rather precise; the only advice I can give for that is to practice. To do these jumps consistently, keep in mind things like how close Crash was to the edge before you jumped, how long you held the jump button, etc.

Remember, practice makes perfect. You can and will beat this game with enough dedication. Take your time and do what you can to learn from your mistakes and improve.
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