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User Info: parkourboybryan

3 years ago#1
Simple: Remake or Remaster? Explain why. - Results (79 votes)
70.89% (56 votes)
29.11% (23 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I will easily say Remaster, and here's the reason why:

Remakes are when the original concept of a game is taken and rebuilt from the ground up, using a lot of the original gameplay and story elements, but changing the mechanics, story, level design, etc. by a significant margin, whilst also adding new elements. Big examples of this would be Resident Evil REmake, Tomb Raider: Anniversary, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Pokémon FireRed/Leafgreen.

Remasters are when the blueprint of the original game is kept mostly intact, and the biggest difference from the original is in the presentation. This can come in the form of upscaled resolution, remodeled artwork, new soundtracks, etc. While these aspects are all new, maybe with the addition of a minor new mechanic or two, the original gameplay and level design remains, for the most part, unchanged. Examples of this would be Resident Evil 4 HD, Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Super Mario All-Stars, etc.

I consider the N-Sane trilogy to be a remaster, because although the graphics are built from the ground up, and Coco is now playable in every game, the only thing new about this collection is the Graphical and Audio presentation. The level design, for better or worse, is the exact same, and nothing else was added. That's the main reason it's only $40, since otherwise, you could get all 3 for $18 on PSN. If there were new levels added, and some levels were tweaked or changed completely, then it would veer into remake category. But at this point, it's still a remaster. A great remaster with lots of effort put into it (I'm looking at you Capcom), but a remaster nonetheless.

User Info: parkourboybryan

3 years ago#2
Note: I'm not using this to attack the game, but I see a lot of people attacking reviewers for calling the game a remaster when "It's clearly a remake since it was rebuilt from the ground up." COD4 HD hand the exact same treatment, redone graphics completely and music, but otherwise, the same levels and mechanics, at least until they added all the supply drop BS to MP mode.

These games are still fantastic, but it's definitely not a remake.

User Info: shayminguy7

3 years ago#3
How I define things.

Remake: Mostly, if not all brand new assets.

Remaster: Polishing up old assets to look newer.

To me, it really doesn't matter how much is different about the new game from the original. N. Sane Trilogy is as much of a remake as a remake can be in my book.
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User Info: KCJ5062

3 years ago#4
I consider it to be like Super Mario All-Stars.

It's not simply just a remaster though, since many remasters today are just HD versions of the original. Crash has completely new graphics and some added gameplay elements, but not anything too big.
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User Info: VixYW

3 years ago#5
Imho the moment you touch the game's mechanics, it can't be called a remaster anymore. Then just to look at what they did with C1 here and you have my answer.

User Info: TheDawnRider

3 years ago#6
Even the developers said that that this wasn't a "remake" but more something between a remake and a remaster.

User Info: EvilResident

3 years ago#7
This again....
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User Info: Nabinator

3 years ago#8
Honestly, I get confused between the two now.

Something like this I would've classified as a remake, becuase apparently everything has been remade from scratch. It just fits the original layout and engine to a tee, but its new. So in my head, this is a remake.

Besides, didn't we already get a Crash remaster for the PS3? If not, then what the hell was that?

TheDawnRider posted...
Even the developers said that that this wasn't a "remake" but more something between a remake and a remaster.

This makes sense. This definitely ain't a standalone remaster.
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User Info: KCJ5062

3 years ago#9
Honestly difference does it make if the level design is identical? That's the whole point. They had no choice but to remake those games from the ground up because they can't just simply port the PS1 games over, bump the resolution to Native 1080p and call it a day. Things such as the art assets, etc. on the PS1 games have very low fidelity. The architecture between the PS1 and the PS4 is far too great.

People may want to read posts in these links, as a matter of fact.


It's amazing how people hang around message boards of games they don't like

User Info: Goombacrusher

3 years ago#10
remake because they rebuilt the game almost completely from scratch
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