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  3. Some shortcomings I noticed about this game on my recent playthrough

User Info: mninp

1 month ago#1
First off, I just wanna say that this game is what got me into the RE series. Playing it in VR was an incredible experience and I’ve since played and beat most of the games in the series.

Howesver, going back to it after about a year, I noticed something about it that doesn’t quite hold up compared to some of the other games, especially the OG ones. This game is rather linear. Even the main house, which is the best location in the game, it feels like it wants to be the Spencer Mansion, but kinda fails at being that because while it attempts to give you the illusion that you’re freely exploring a giant house, a lot of it really is very linear. In the old games, sure, you’re locked out of certain locations until you get certain keys and whatnot, but for the most part you’re free to explore at your own leisure. RE7 has a very set path that it wants you to go, and unless you’re playing on Madhouse where you have the option of getting the scorpion key early giving you another route, you’re pretty much forced to do everything in a very specific order. At times it feels like I’m being hand holded or I’m on rails.

Another thing is that there really isn’t any enemies roaming around until you get to the basement. Yeah you have Jack but he’s more of an obstacle than a proper enemy. In the original games you had zombies casually strolling around and you never knew what was behind the next corner. The Spencer Mansion filled you with dread because you knew that there could be zombies around, so it was never fully safe to go too far away from a safe room. In RE7 there’s really no danger, as there’s just nothing around that’s gonna kill you. You’re free to explore everything at your leisure as long as you despawn Jack. The only enemies are in the basement (well, there’s two near the safe room but they’re easy to remember). This game has perfect atmosphere, but the tension and feeling of urgency that was in the older games just isn’t in here I feel. The safe rooms don’t feel like a “safe haven” with danger just outside, but instead they feel more like checkpoints or just...rooms that have a save point. And it’s kind of disappointing. It should be terrifying trying to explore this house, the molded enemies should be sprinkled throughout, wandering around. Every room should put you on edge, every corner should fill you with dread.

I still love this game, but I don’t think it quite fully captures that classic RE experience. It has the safe rooms and backtracking, but there’s literally no danger except for the basement, which is easy to run out of if you get into trouble.

And finally, the main house is so short lived. It’s really not as big as it seems at first.

I still love this game, it’s one of my favorites in the series, but I still don’t quite think it’s the proper “return to form” that they claim it to be. It tries to be, but in the end I think it ends up being a “watered down” version of the OG survival horror experience.

What do you think?
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User Info: SirKotake

2 weeks ago#2
I definitely am with you on some of your points. I feel Madhouse feels a little better with the item and enemy placement, but the linearity is always there. I really enjoy it though and it's leagues better than 6.
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User Info: Hustler Nine

Hustler Nine
1 week ago#3
It also doesn't help that the main house is very small. Capcom on purpose made you go to the basement like three times to increase the playtime.
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User Info: Pixelshift87

13 hours ago#4
So in my experience I have played the following games in the RE series... Numbers 1,2,4,5,6 and now 7... I never got around to playing number 3 so I cannot say anything about that title. So I personally loved the first game ALOT when it was new out on the PSone, I did like number 2 as well but not quite as much as the first... both of these games could fill you with genuine feelings of dread, similar to Silent Hill games could but in a different way. Now fast forward to Resident Evil 4, I also liked this one a lot and think it is one of the best PS2 games in the library. Resident Evil 5 was pretty fun but I did not like it as much as 4, not by a long shot, however coop gameplay was kind of cool. Resident Evil 6 sucked hard in my opinion... and 7, which I just finished a day ago was fantastic. So after playing 6 titles I group all 6 of these RE games into two different camps... The scarier game set which would be RE 1,2 and 7. Then the camp of more action and trying to be more movie-like which would be RE 4,5,6. Even though I think 4 is an amazing game, it always felt to me like it was a different game than a Resident Evil game. Since I began playing the first title when it initially released, to me, Resident Evil games almost NEED to be scary and build anxiety throughout the game... the first one did it really well... and that's what I feel the 7th game did great on... sure the action isn't anything to write home about but we have RE 4 for that, this game brought back what I think RE was meant to be, crazy story, scary moments, and fantastically freaky atmosphere... I do agree it is a bit too linear and they could've added a few more areas to explore to deviate from the path but overall I was VERY pleased with this title... feels like RE again.
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