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  3. Is this a glitch? (spoilers)

User Info: Daimeion

2 months ago#1
So I chose to give the serum to Zoe. But after reaching the giant ship area, Mia ended up here instead and Zoe was nowhere to be heard. I thought Mia chose to stay behind. It's like the two character magically switched locations.

User Info: TheThirdDay

2 months ago#2

(This post will contain mild spoilers, but nothing major.)

Did you pay attention to the previous cutscene, with Ethan and friend on the rowboat? (At least I think it was a rowboat, maybe it had an engine.)
  • If you choose Mia, she rides with you on the boat, the boat ends up capsizing, you both fall into the water, and you wake up playing as Mia.
  • If you choose Zoe, she rides with you on the boat, but after a minute, she ends up crystalizing and shattering, just as Marguerite did, effectively killing her. The boat then capsizes, Ethan falls into the water, and you still wake up playing as Mia, with no real explanation as to how she got there.
So you do, indeed, end up playing as Mia, regardless. If you saw the cutscene of Mia with Ethan in the rowboat, and not Zoey with Ethan, than you either accidentally clicked on the wrong person, or it was, in fact, a glitch.

But if you saw Zoe with Ethan on the small boat, you must've somehow missed Zoe's death scene.
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  2. Resident Evil 7: biohazard
  3. Is this a glitch? (spoilers)
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