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User Info: maidennppr

4 weeks ago#1
This is long over (as in played by me) but I still decided to make this board anyway.
I seriously find many so called fans having ridiculous mindsets.
Before that, I have to say this.
RE7, I have a Love/Hate Relationship with it.

Hate: First Person Shooter. This is, for me, the WORST idea ever.

However: It did not stop me from playing the Main Game, Not A Hero, End of Zoe and other side stories it got. In fact, I even played Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles which too were 1st Person Shooter Modes. In short, I only played for the stories and said stories delivered well for me.

Love: The only love this gets from me is the fact that I can have more horror experiences via VR Mode. That is right.
It's like:
YOU are the one going through the HORROR.
YOU are the one who needs to fight for SURVIVAL.
YOU are the one who needs to take ACTION.

Now what am I getting at here? That is right. ACTION, HORROR, SURVIVAL.
Will any of you idiots survive if you don't take action as in fight your way for survival through the horrors? Maybe not if you don't use your brains.

I personally enjoyed ALL the Resident Evil games. Except for Umbrella Corps which I have not touched yet, rather watch things in Youtube.
Anyhow, people and so called fans keep forgetting this. The original title of Resident Evil is called Biohazard. Now what does Biohazard do? It MUTATES living beings and turn them into MONSTERS.
Not just zombies, zombies, zombies. Just stop with all those zombies.

True, RE4, RE5 and RE6 has more action, especially RE6, but remember those 3 crucial genres.
Unless you have nerves of steel, I doubt you will take on chainsaw wielding maniacs who can no sell your handguns unless you upgraded them or use shotguns at the least.
Or those El Gigante from RE4. Mark my words. You WILL wet yourself if you don't have the courage to act.

Once more so ignorant people and so called fans can hear (which I doubt they ever will):
Imagine yourself in that scenario, fighting for your life which you need to take ACTION for your SURVIVAL as you go through the HORROR.

As a player: You won't feel it. Good for you.
As the person in the game: You WILL feel it. Imagine yourselves in THEIR shoes, NOT your own, safe behind that TV screen of yours.

I doubt people will read it and go "TL;DR" but who cares. You have your own likes and dislikes, I have my own. You respect mine, I respect yours. But if you disrespect mine, do not expect me to respect yours. That's all.

User Info: spyder42

1 week ago#2
I dont even understand what your post is trying to say after reading it 3 times...
3lric from
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That is a LOT of words to say nothing.
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  3. Love-Hate Relationship with RE7