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User Info: Shinobi1001

5 months ago#1
I have to play as Mia and start with nothing...I found a handgun with 2 bullets, but that’s it. No ammo anywhere on this stupid boat. I have to use 2 bullets on all the enemies I come across? This game is one big troll machine

User Info: Hustler Nine

Hustler Nine
5 months ago#2
You are on Madhouse? I agree, they tried to make it like surviving again but it's annoying with those licker-like creatures that rush at you.
You have to avoid them till you get a weapon. Big change in the pace.
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User Info: Aitz

5 months ago#3
On Madhouse you don't even get the gun at the boat's 1st floor and there is one 4 legged molded which is highly dangerous.
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User Info: Sprint3r06

4 months ago#4
Keep looking fool

User Info: FoxyAreku

4 months ago#5
You could just, you know, *not* fight everything.
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User Info: Frisk

4 months ago#6
I kinda liked this part, just passed the ship.

The remote bombs work great since the molded are slow
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User Info: darkula666

3 months ago#7
I really liked that part. The ship was a fantastic RE environment, and it actually feels like a ship, unlike RER ship, which is just a mansion inside a boat. ( I mean, you need to walk through the kitchen to get to the medical bay?? seriously???

just avoid enemies until you find some gear.
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User Info: AyumiSqueezetoy

3 months ago#8
darkula666 posted...
( I mean, you need to walk through the kitchen to get to the medical bay?? seriously???

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User Info: ShinWesker

3 months ago#9
I think the game is a 9/10 till the Ship part...then it falls down to a 6/10.

On Mad House the last parts are just BS with the fat Molds....

User Info: Fiz57

2 months ago#10
Tell me about it. I snuck into the break room when the fat mold spot me and close the door. I was hoping it would despawn or lost interest but no, it endless do the attacking animation.

It still there and I have to time myself to lure it in so I could close the door on him then run into the elevator as the other one was nearby. I went back only to find both of them spawn in the corridor.

Same thing happened to me in the first floor with the 4 leg molded monster when I duck inside the room in front of the fuse box.
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