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User Info: fantomas418

4 months ago#1
Tried playing this in vr but I just got upstairs in the house and I want to puke. Never happened to me before even in vr... That's bad because the game and experience is amazing! I thought a first person RE was stupid but it's great

User Info: juicebox4

4 months ago#2
you'll get used to it. this and wipeout are probably the two that most people get motion sickness from, but you should adapt soon
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User Info: Neophenom

3 months ago#3
Feeling sick when going up and down stairs in VR is pretty common. This game in particular makes people sick fast. I think looking so realistic makes the illusion too convincing. Unfortunately once you feel sick it's hard to recover on that play session. I used to be the same way, but I just tried a few things like staring into the distance or closing my eyes, during moments that I felt were more demanding. Playing on an empty stomach can be helpful at times too.
Other advice I would offer if you get too sick on this game, is to play it standing up, with some support in front of you (like a chair). Your body will naturally make some subtle movements, like if you were on a boat, that will help you adjust naturally. My girlfriend could not play this for 5 minutes, but was able to play over an hour standing up. She was not new to VR either, she played other games for hours no problem. I'm hoping she will be able to play RE7 sitting down after a few sessions of standing up. I also turned on the FOV filter on the game to limit her peripheral vision until she's ready. Make sure you are not getting any outside noise while you play. Having a sound that breaks the illusion can be bad, at first. This was the one thing that almost made me puke when I was still new at VR. You can build tolerance to it, just have to make some adjustments until you are ready for it. If you see how I play now compared to before you would not believe it. Best part, once you master it, that tolerance stays. Just last night I played the game after eating a big meal and no VR for months and it was as natural as anything for me. Resident Evil 7 in VR was one of the best gaming experiences for me, so keep at it and good luck.

User Info: Trespasser2003

3 months ago#4
The moment you start feeling nauseous, take a break. Over time, you’ll go longer and longer between getting nauseous until eventually you don’t have it happen at all. NEVER try to push through. Pause, take the headset off, drink some water (ginger ale works too)

Think of it as training.
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User Info: tylerdurden10

3 months ago#5
I'm glad to read that others were feeling as nauseous as I am playing this in VR. I just picked up a VR set for Black Friday, and this was my first experience with it, but I haven't even gone back to it in days since the first couple of times made me really nauseous.

Now that you guys have given me some pointers, I think I'll give it another go and try to do it differently. :)

User Info: MoToX20

3 months ago#6
This is a bad game to be a first VR experience, like mentioned it’s one of the most demanding. It’s probably a good idea to start on other less realistic vr games. I’m one of those people that just doesn’t get motion sickness, I grew up on boats and rode rollercoasters all the time at a young age, so my tolerance to motion is very high. First time I played RE7 in VR I had to stop after about 20 minutes and take a break cause I felt it coming on.... The FOV filter helps, and adjusting the camera speed. About 5 hours into the game it finally went away, last night I played about 3 hours straight with no issues, so it does go away.

I hope you stay with it, RE7 is an amazing game and even better in VR. I rarely get spooked playing games, but playing this in VR had me on edge the whole time, with quite a few literal jumps on my part. There was a few times I flew back so hard I moved the couch backwards....lol, and my dogs would come running over to see what was wrong.....
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User Info: spyder42

3 months ago#7
This is nothing compared to here they lie.

I found what helped me through a lot of it personally, when sitting on my couch and playing, is to sort of shadow walk my feet to mimic that of my character. This helped me a lot in a few games that were giving me motion sickness
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