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  3. This game is so scary I can't play it at night *first few hours spoilers*

User Info: Patroeska

4 months ago#1
I'm a 27 yo male. The only other horror/Resident Evil game I've ever played is 4. That one was a bit creepy at times, but nothing I couldn't handle. But this game. Man. It took me 30 minutes to enter the house. It took me another 30 to walk through the kitchen. I stopped playing when I found out I had to take the stairs down and waited for a friend to come and play for me.

I screamed when Mia jumped at me from the stairs. I screamed when she chopped of my hand. I put down the controller when she came at me with a chainsaw.

I have to take so many breaks when playing this game. I just beat Daddy in the garage and looking for the 3 dog heads right now. Taking it very slow. I keep thinking about this game at night and I'm not even sure if I'm actually enjoying myself.

Is this normal?
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User Info: DiztruxionUk

4 months ago#2
If you're Dave from PlayStation access yes :D

If you haven't played many horror games then it's pretty normal. The more you play, the more immune you become to them (the same with horror movies as well)

I've been playing horror games for about 20 years, watching horror movies for longer so very little scares me or makes me jump, it's usually games/films that are more subtle that'll give me chills (Alien isolation and Babadook being an example from each genre)

I was quite disappointed with Resi 7, as much as I enjoyed the game, it didn't scare me at all. Everything seemed telegraphed, you could always tell when a jump scare was coming and the rest of the game wasn't frightening. I played it in VR too, which I would imagine would terrify the life out of you, but barely made me break sweat unfortunately.

Be thankful it's scaring you, I'd love to go back to a stage when anything horror related scared me, I always hope something will, but they rarely do, that's down to oversaturation on my own behalf.

You're in for a few more frights along the way, especially once you hit the basement stage. Enjoy it as long as possible, you'll miss the feeling of fear when you one day realise games can no longer scare you.
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User Info: smajda85

4 months ago#3
Yeah, you can numb yourself to it over time, and that's part of the fun! I played through the game a year and a half ago with some friends and then played it by myself last month when I finally got myself a copy. Then I started an easy playthrough for a speedrun and was enjoying the fact I didn't feel anxious around every corner. And then I played Madhouse and all of the spooky vibes were back since the game felt so dangerous again, but even that went away over time. I'd say keep going at it and you'll enjoy going through all the different stages of how intense the game feels on and off. There's lots of memorable experiences in the campaign to be had!

User Info: PerfectBlue

4 months ago#4
you aren't the only one OP
I have a specific phobia so there was one chunk of the game that had me basically twitching the entire way through, but the start is so atmospheric if you're really immersed in it.
the recommended brightness setting (where you can barely see a metre in front of you if a room is poorly lit, and 98% of them are..) is what I played on up until yesterday, I was almost certain I'd have my heart give up or something, and I'm 17.
Horror movies don't scare me much and horror games aren't something I regularly play, but this is leagues above resident evil revelations in terms of the fear factor, I fully feel at risk every step of the way despite having watched huge chunks of this game when it first came out through youtubers.
have to say, the scares are a good thing, they are what keep you moving slow and as long as the game has that psychological grip on you, you're getting your money's worth.
there are definitely gonna be moments where you see something or hear something and literally go "nope."
but trust me, it's worth it, if I were going to introduce someone to survival horror that actually can decently scare, it would be this game, not too heavy or too light, but can catch you repeatedly off guard with enough breaks to rebuild the tension. nothing's wrong with you, just keep going. (unless you have any heart problems, but that goes without saying.)
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User Info: Patroeska

4 months ago#5
*this message will contain spoilers for the rest of the game*

I decided to restart the game and play on Easy. I never do that normally, I play every game on Normal, but this game was just to much for me. Playing on easy, I was a lot more relaxed that I could handle whatever the game was about to throw at me.

I just got off the ship, and am now on my way to fight Evelyn. In the mine section now. I can only play this game during the day though, because playing at night would be horrible. So taking it really slow. But really loving it, and loving the story too!
"You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star." - Friedrich Nietzsche

User Info: Patroeska

4 months ago#6
I finally beat it! What an amazing game. Great story too. Not gonna replay it for a while, though. Made me feel uneasy all the way through. Will have to, eventually, to *massive spoilers* save Zoe instead of Mia
"You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star." - Friedrich Nietzsche

User Info: Pxwerable

4 months ago#7
Nice job for making it through this action packed, horror game. I honestly couldnt play Resident Evil 4 alone much, but playing Resident Evil 7 was a great way for me to overcome the fear of playing horror games. Next time you decide to play Resident Evil 7 again, give normal a shot again, I believe in you :).
Btw, madhouse mode almost killed me lmao!
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User Info: Patroeska

4 months ago#8
After beating the game I found out about the free DLC, so I have another 2 hours of fresh content to enjoy before I'll let this game rest for a while. Going to enjoy the DLC this weekend!
"You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star." - Friedrich Nietzsche

User Info: yipeeyahoo

4 months ago#9
Have you tried it in VR? =D It's even better in vr mode.. Like way better than normal mode
You are welcome to add me :D

User Info: vgplaya89

4 months ago#10
I absolutely loved this game. Probably the re game that made me jump the most, I really enjoyed the story, and loved the re-emphasis on exploration over combat.

I'm excited for RE2make now.
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  3. This game is so scary I can't play it at night *first few hours spoilers*
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