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User Info: qperok

8 months ago#21
BIack_Dynamite posted...
qperok posted...
And yet RE3 ended up being a fantastic game while CV sucked.

CV was better than 3.

I disagree.

User Info: Morpheus102686

8 months ago#22
BIack_Dynamite posted...
Before RE5 (which introduced Tricell, not Degeneration, Jill’s infection and RC’s destruction were not important). 5 expanded the plagas story, so now 4 sits in a better place than 3 when it comes to relevancy.

And since 4 didn’t begin life as a spinoff and is a tonne more fun...

Yes of course. The destruction of the city that was devastated by the evil pharmaceutical company that had been the main antagonist certainly WASN’T as important to the main plot as a random BOW that had nothing to do with anything. Las Plagas didn’t even matter since it had nothing to do with Uroboros, the main viral agent in 5. It was created with Progenitor and Jill’s T-Virus antibodies due to her infection.

4 is objectively a side story that was far more irrelevant than 3. As for your own personal enjoyment of it, to each their own but it was a mindless action game that got boring after a couple hours. I enjoyed RE3 far more.
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User Info: cloud4124

8 months ago#23
qperok posted...
Revelations 2 and especially the garbage fire that is Revelations 1.
They are as close to be a part of the numbered line as it gets along with CV, therefore they have no right to be as backwards, damaging and poor as they are.

CV is actually the true RE 3 not nemesis...so i dont consider CV a spinoff
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User Info: Valentine91

8 months ago#24
People are still spewing this RE3/CV nonsense? Get your facts people!

Anyway, Rev1 and ORC were my least favorite spin-offs
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User Info: TheThirdDay

8 months ago#25
I'd probably vote Gaiden, soley for the combat engine. Shame, too. The stucture of that game was a great conversion of the RE formula to an 8-bit system, but that shooting minigame they came up with for combat kinda ruined it. And that's aside from the fact that random zombies will hold key items, forcing you into an unnecessary amount of fights looking for said items, which is unfavorable for a survival horror game regardless of the wonky combat.

Also, I've been meaning to type up a full treatment for it, but I gotta say: I recently played Survivor for the first time. That game... was surprisingly good. Not amazing or anything, but I enjoyed it. And it's treated like an abomination. Just one more peice of evidence supporting my theory that RE fans simply forsake any game that's not exactly what they want. :/
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User Info: master_m11

8 months ago#26
Morpheus102686 posted...
BIack_Dynamite posted...

If you count that as a spinoff, RE4 would also qualify as one. It is a side story that doesn’t even matter to the main plot. RE3 has Jill’s T-Virus infection and the Raccoon City nuke which both end up being very important plot developments. 4 has Umbrella’s fall which is important in a short 2 minute intro and then literally nothing that followed it was important.
This guy is still doing this? Hahahaha!
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User Info: barrylyndon55

8 months ago#27
Umbrella Corps and Gaiden
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User Info: Plant42

8 months ago#28
What’s the overall plot of RE? I wish someone could tell me since they act like the know what’s important to the story and what’s not.

User Info: barrylyndon55

8 months ago#29
Overall plot?
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User Info: KungGuld

8 months ago#30
Hands down RE4. It spun RE from charming zombie survival to suplex, roundhouse, matrix, alien, fantasy bulls***.
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