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  3. The game gets dull in the ship.(spoilers)

User Info: LordMarshal

3 years ago#1
The Bakers are done with and "innocent" which, to me, were the central source of creepiness. Theres only 3 enemies now and theyve grown stale. Mias boring and evelyn is a stupid telepathic child that fails to even be creepy.

I loved the Bakers and the house but the ship is a low point for me.
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User Info: chief606

3 years ago#2
I find in each resident evil game, there tends to be one area I'm not a fan of. I didn't mind the tanker too much, but I felt on my first play through, it did drag on a bit.
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User Info: Goldsickle

3 years ago#3
Complaints about the ship area seems to be frequent.

I don't actually mind it, though.
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User Info: ClassicAmbiance

3 years ago#4
The first parts of the game were the best. Mia, Jack and Marguerite. I didn't like Lucas' part at all. Everything else after was alright.

User Info: GutsLCF

3 years ago#5
See I don't remember these low points in RE 1-3, they were all pretty good. I loved the hospital in RE3, that section was probably one of my favorites in all three games.

RE4, Military complex near the end and even the Castle at some points
RE5 Military Complex and Oil rig
RE6 Most end areas.
RE7 Ship, Mines (I didn't like RE7 much but the houses were interesting locations).

User Info: pothocket

3 years ago#6
For me the barn is the low point and the ship is when it gets interesting again.

User Info: Detha

3 years ago#7
Most people agree. It's where the game got full-Revelations.
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User Info: Twinmold

3 years ago#8
I liked the ship a lot more on Madhouse difficulty when you have to navigate it without a weapon.
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User Info: ScorpionBlaze

3 years ago#9
I preferred the house but the game's pacing what great throughout, imo.

User Info: Mr_Mason_W2DS

3 years ago#10
I didn't as much mind the ship in the present-day, but I thought that the flashback felt the most out of place. The mines were kind of dull, but that was more just because they were sort of bland and banal, just as I would expect mines to be, more than due to the actual way they were handled, aside strictly from the "gauntlet" part which was more guilty of the same thing the ship's flashback was: Seeming like a bit of a genre shift into action, more than the rest of the game's atmospheric focus on horror.

Parts of the Testing Area felt similarly out of place, to me, but the ship flashback seemed to deliberately evoke this jittery, fast-paced feeling (even when nothing was attacking) that was different from anything else in the game except, again, the gauntlet toward the end. Even the ship in the present day was more in line with the rest of the game's pacing and atmosphere than the flashback part.
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  3. The game gets dull in the ship.(spoilers)
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