Who is the most virtuous RE character?

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User Info: deathtouch1809

1 year ago#52
Jonathan_F_G posted...


: )

And yes, Billy is Rebecca's hero because he did indeed keep her alive. She was way too green in the methodologies of survival and combat, thus would not have survived what happened on the train and at James Marcus's training facility on her own.

They wouldn't survive alone. The game pretty much establishes that from the get go. I mean, it's a central theme... Especially with the buddy system.

User Info: deathtouch1809

1 year ago#53
sbn4 posted...
^ Agreed. I don't get how Rebecca gets the role of being a damsel but Jill is the strongest female in the series.

People just find her hot.

I mean, just from the games that I played:


- Rescued/ Saved by or facilitated in some way, shape or form about... Four times? by Barry.
- Rescued/ Saved by Richard.
- Rescued/ Saved by Chris from the prison.


- Rescued/ Saved by Carlos and Mikhail more than once.
- Rescued by Barry.


- Well, it's basically: RESCUE JILL.

Rebecca gets saved what...? Two, three times during this series? Against a monkey, a Hunter and from falling to her doom? All of which she repays in some way, in the same games later on. She also saved Chris multiple times... Including facilitating/ allowing his progress, by playing the piano and healing him almost infinitely.

Jill is tremendously "look at me, I'm a hot chick with guns" overrated. Hate that cardboard. (nice ass tho)

User Info: lightningxiii-2

1 year ago#54
sbn4 posted...
To me, being "virtuous" is kind of boring.

WHAT?! So you prefer IMMORAL people?!

And Leon is the one who has been helped and saved the most in the series (by his savior angel, Ada).

What is with all those deleted messages?!!!
Light, I have always been looking for someone like you. You are the best and I'm not gonna stop loving you.

User Info: ILikeMajora

1 year ago#55
rebecca S.T.A.R.ed in a really bad game
explored the deep-seated psychological trauma and depression borne of years of loneliness, manipulation, adoration
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User Info: Jonathan_F_G

1 year ago#59
Leatherface posted...
Jonathan_F_G posted...
If reality is a factor, then the most virtuous Biohazard/RE character, is any character that does not ascribe to collectivized erroneous dogmatic groups of any kind, such as the police, the military, government and pseudo-medical establishments. What these characters previously did in their pasts, would not count.

Do realize, I am a philosopher of sorts.

And a pretentious dick.

I know people in the police, and a friend in the army. They put themselves out there and keep people safe. Something you don't have the balls to do when you badmouth them through a computer screen.

Not sure how the actions of doctors - literal healers - make them less virtuous. I guess we should condemn them for saving lives.

You're philosophy is BS, and you're pathetic.

And you actually think that what you just said, is supposed to bother me? Sorry, but I'm much more concerned with healing the world, than making friends. Infact, I'm totally fine with you saying what you said because, your comments and insults, do not come from a place of curiosity, passion and knowledge. But rather, you just react based on blind and incomplete observations and assumptions as well as your emotions to external attachments. Based on how my post made you feel, you are heavily ego-identified, ego-attached, to your external persona (Basically, your external body's activities for human society, regardless of what kind of society we live it), which is typical of 95% of the human race. Hence, you are a self-made victim because, you have no desire to achieve self-mastery. If it was actually effective, I would directly tell police and military personnel to their faces, that they are responsible for keeping in place, the suffering that goes on in the world. But it's not effective. You know why? Closed mindedness and calcification of the heart, son. Saving lives? Nah, the real heroes are unsung. The real heroes are not useful troglodyte idiots to the whims of evil men, I'll tell ya that right now. And I can tell you with absolute conviction and certainty, that these unsung heroes of our times, love you more than you love yourself. Guaranteed. Ah but alas, the ego hates the truth.

: /

And those white coat, overweight "doctors" that you claim are "literal healers", are nothing of the kind. You wanna talk about REAL healing? Look into Qigong, chiropractic, meditation, the martial arts (And I mean, REAL martial arts. Not that MMA s***), the prescription of traditional Chinese herbal remedies, acupuncture, a wholesome and fresh plant-based diet and et cetera and so forth. Just go read the book "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" by Dr. Joel Wallach, and your erroneous belief that big pharma's allopathic medical practice works, will be put to bed. Yes, surgery has its place. But the mainstream medical establishment is abusing its use, and is infact doing more physical harm to patients than good. Between that, the overuse of "cancer treatments" and the overprescription of highly toxic, psychotropic and mind altering drugs, there's a pandemic of medical malpractice that's going on right now, and has been going on for decades.

Billy Coen did good by stepping away from the following. But hey! He's just a video game character.

"Self-love begins the journey to freedom." - Jonathan Fernando Goldberg

User Info: sbn4

1 year ago#60
Don't get me wrong. Jill is my favorite character in the series next to Chris. But that girl gets way too much credit if you ask me. I'm not sure how Rebecca is called a damsel but Jill is not seen in the same light even though she's saved by several male characters (Chris, Barry, Carlos, Josh). She'd definitely have a lot less fans if she weren't good looking. My favorite Jill is RE5 simply because she actually saves Chris and she is very important to the story. Yet, she's called a damsel in that game but not past games. That totally confuses me. And also BS Jill is my bae. <3

@ Lightning: Did I say I prefer immoral people? I prefer people who react accordingly given the situation. People who have actual varying human emotions and aren't just goody two shoes all the damn time. Its why I think Chris and Helena are the most interesting characters in RE6. And why I think a character like Martin Walker from Spec Ops is a great character. Even if he's "immoral." Being nice or good all the time is boring as hell.
"No man should fight any war but his own."
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