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  3. Mini-Guide for an Easy Speedrun while getting 100% Files/Coin/Statues *Spoilers*

User Info: kings214

2 years ago#51
I did this and beat the game in 3 hours and the game told me that I unlocked everything, including the circular saw and the xray glasses but when I played my next game on mad house everything was in the box... except the circular saw and xray goggles. This happen to anyone else?

User Info: azlanhtc

2 years ago#52
This my second playthrough and manage to beat the game like 3:59:10. Really damn relieve i manage to unlock the two unlockable.

Now want to focus on collecting statue/coin after this before i jump to Madhouse


User Info: Kingmaker46n2

2 years ago#53
Nice work, TC. Helped a lot
(message deleted)
Hey TC, just finished up after using your guide to the letter. All achievements popped so job well done! Thanks!

Still had 57 minutes on the clock too lol

User Info: DoctorLeroy

2 years ago#56
I just beat the game in 2:57 with this guide. Thanks a lot.

User Info: TheThirdDay

1 year ago#57

User xingzuo69 posted a series of video walkthroughs, if anyone might find that easier to follow.

xingzuo69, the community thanks you.
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User Info: squalltheonly

1 year ago#58
Does this mini guide come in map form? Like the map from resident evil 1 remake, such an amazing map that would list items in the order you need to pick them up in. I thought I had found a similar map for this game when it came out, but I lost it and now that I bought the game again can't seem to find the website that had it.
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User Info: gwwak

1 year ago#59
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
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User Info: tehnemox

8 months ago#60
I am using this right now for my under 4 hours trophy and unlock, skipping collectibles except for coins for now (unless later on I see they are too much a hassle/time consuming). So far it is great and I thank you for this. Been doing "dry runs" after a save room before attempting section for real.

But I do have a question: is there a similar guide somewhere with suggested time stamps so I can compare time and know if I should pick up the pace or somewhat gauge my progress in any way? I have looked and haven't find anything like that. This is the best guide so far, concise and to the point but like I said, would like to have something to gauge my progress against.
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  3. Mini-Guide for an Easy Speedrun while getting 100% Files/Coin/Statues *Spoilers*