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  3. Mini-Guide for an Easy Speedrun while getting 100% Files/Coin/Statues *Spoilers*

User Info: TheChap656

2 years ago#1
This is not formatted to be all that pretty, but it gets the job done. Hope some of you find it useful knocking off a few trophies.


-For an easier time, this should be done on a NG+ on easy after unlocking the Albert pistol. You can do it the regular pistol, but you'll want to run more often than fight in that case.
-Don't be afraid to snag some gunpowders when you see them. You can usually spare that one slot and chem fluids are everywhere.
-Grab all the Handgun and Shotgun ammo you see. I had plenty of time even quickly checking most rooms for some bullets before moving on.
-I finished this with about 35m to spare, however my boat part was extra slow as I was planning how to grab the statues/coins/files from the boat semi-efficiently. I probably would have had an hour or so to spare and that's with taking time to search for ammo.

Guest House:

-Read email from inventory, run to guest house, go upstairs, get tape, go to tv room to play tape. Get lockpick on ground next to Clancy when you start the tape, open drawer in kitchen, use options to quit out of tape.
-Straight to fireplace – basement – boltcutters (list of names near boltcutters, read front and back), follow Mia till couch. Comfort Mia, head into other room to trigger new path.
-Go upstairs to Bathroom, pickup first aids, back to basement door trigger Mia
-use first aid, stay by body till she triggers again, get axe, hit her
-get map (optional) on dresser on way back to phone, wait for phone to ring, answer
-get fuse with boltcutters (coin in unlocked kitchen drawer on the way), put fuse in, trigger scene and lose hand, activate stairs button
-trigger Mia by running to attic and starting up the ladder and then reversing, run back to gun/ammo room to pick them up. Shoot her in face. End Guest House

Main house:

-Scene end, knock chair over, read note on wall by counter and pile of newspapers about missing people, trigger Jack in hallway and run and grab Hatch Key beside him. Run to Hatch closing door behind you in hatch room. Grab coin on lawnmower while going through hatch hole.
-Laundry Room: go to box, grab Albert-01, hop back in hatch hole to get statue, leave room, trigger phone call, take phone call.
-run to garage to check tape, run to kitchen grab herb, run up hallway and shoot statue at hall end, wait for deputy timer to trigger
- run to deputy, open garage, as soon as you cna move grab car keys, get in car and run over Jack. Trigger explosion by letting burning Jack grab you.
-Up ladder (you have to pick up the gun to trigger scene), picture, unscrew to get ox relief, push shelf, run to main hall after jumping down
-main hall: clock pendulum, table to west has Newspaper – 20 missing file, statue on table by where you entered, coin in a drawer,
-upstairs to Rec Room, book for dog head, jack’s journal in drawer, jack’s memo on table near statue in basket, coin beside basket
-2f bathroom, coin from toilet, drain tub, grab device.
-Avoid Jack or shoot him, turn left out of bathroom to broken staircase, jump down. Enter dining area, Use clock pendulum to get dog head. Head to main hall while avoiding Jack. Use dog heads on door to clear inventory. Use Shadow device.
-through passage to drawing room, statue by crow door. Next room has a coin in the ashtray on table. Run through monitoring room avoiding molded to save room at end of halls.
-save room, Travis memo in drawer (front and back)
-straight downstairs. Shoot two Molded on way to incinerator room, read note on mirror, trigger dissection room key, grab key and leave without fighting molded.
-Book it through engine/furnace room to dissection door. Open dissection room. Do not touch the dog head here, just carry on to Morgue.
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User Info: TheChap656

2 years ago#2
-Morgue room, straight to dog head, trigger Jack Fight. Shoot Jack in head till you trigger Chainsaw. Have a chainsaw duel. Use chainsaw to open door.
-head back through the engine room to the main hallway. Open shutter door to processing room. Grab coin by palette against wall on left, grab scorpion key from meat, take door that goes downstairs to snake door and get the statue near that door.
-unlock/use shortcut door to upstairs, head to main door via crow door, unlock with dog head. Head upstairs to grandma room, immediate left is memo, in drawer is doctor’s note. Take broken shotgun. Go back to main hall and go outside.


-Go down stairs ahead of you, go right and then right again into little alcove. Coin is in a garden pot here. To the left of those stairs you first came from, crawl up against the bottom of the house and rip away a piece of metal. Get repair kit. Use on broken shotgun.
-Head to Trailer, shoot statue under stairs up to trailer
-put away scorpion key, get coin in front of magnum cage, read Zoe’s notes on board. Open door to trigger phone call and answer phone.
-head to Old House

Old House: (you may want to pick up burner ammo when you see it)

-take left door, run past bugs, get into hallway, kitchen, outside. Get burner attachment from right building.
-back to kitchen, hallway, gallery, outside, other burner piece, statue to the left of item box and backpack from save room. Run back up hallway to kitchen. Go through door and light hive on fire. Explode hive and go through crawl space, grab coin on trolley.
-go through door, grab object and head back (statue near crate by steps) through crawl, trigger door to right with Marguarite. Burn door with burner to remove spiders. Head to gallery.
-use object, go through crawl space. Head to crawl space under floor. Head to back end to grab Crank, statue on the way on a shelf.
-go back and raise bridge. Cross, run through far door into kitchen and outside. Crank outside. Head into building to get raven key, coin on toilet. Head back to bridge/raven door across bridge.
-fight marguerite
-open raven door (read note by door), open case (read case note), answer phone. Head to back of this area (stop by piano room on way to read notebook) to examine lantern. Coin is in a drawer near lantern. Statue near lantern puzzle as well.
-go back and drop into marguerite hole. Chase Marguarite to Greenhouse


-hop down hole, head up stairs, trigger marguerite. Kill marguerite. Grab lantern. Head through grate at bottom level. Through well to old house
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User Info: TheChap656

2 years ago#3
Old House:

-go to lantern puzzle. Open door. Run through linear path to detention room.
-push open secret compartment, collect d-arm
-run back, shooting first molded in way and running past rest. Take front door out of old house. Head to Trailer. Answer phone, check note on head in fridge.

Main House:

-scorpion door, downstairs, run to dissection room via morgue. Shoot molded that appears on way. Get key from officer corpse.Use snake key door.
-shortcut door upstairs to main hall. Take master bedroom. Set clock to 10:15, read note on globe. Go down stairs to workroom. Take keycard. Open door, head back upstairs to main hall.
-go to kids room, read journal and page on east and west desk. Press trophy lamp button. Go up to attic, turn immediately around and get statue. Solve Shadow puzzle. Get key card. Head outside to trailer area. Kill molded outside. Put in keycards.

Testing Area:

-activate tv. Go through door and carry on shooting explosives till you get to the door with keypad and trigger Lucas.
-hit enter. Back up. Put keys in box. Head into next barn area, before the big barn proper, go into a wooden door that has explosives and get coin from drawer of green desk. Enter Barn area, killing/running past molded in your way. Take stairs up to safe room.
-Cross bridge (shoot statue on a pillar while up here), jump down and collect battery.
-insert battery and you can shoot guy through gate as he comes down elevator. Kill fatty, take elevator.
-follow hallways (read the memo on the burnt corpse) and drop stairs, there is a coin on some shelves by this button. Enter 1408 in door. Place all items in box
-grab candle, go to cake, light stove, light candle, open door locked with rope. Input LOSER code. Get valve, turn off water, light candle place on cake.
-grab explosive and put in hole in the wall. Wait for explosion. Enter monitoring room. Grab D-head, take back weapons/crank/health, when leaving monitering room statue is above door behind you

Boat House:

-Crank up bridge. Run along path and take right intersection. East most hut has a statue under a net. Run to next crank. Kill molded in way/run past as you get back to intersection and take left path. Enter boat house. SAVE GAME (this is your back up for missing anything pre-boat). Upstairs. Free girls. Get Serum. Fight Jack. Give Mia the serum.
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User Info: TheChap656

2 years ago#4

-Scripted boat ride.
-follow path into boat, single path until memory with hatch, enter hatch after, take right at intersection for coin, follow other path to hole.
-continue following path up to new memories, once at a part where you drop into water and climb up a ladder, check for a coin in the water and carry on until eventually the girl closes a 1f door in your face
-turn around, head into double door on right, grab the fuse at the end of the room and head to locked 1f door. Insert fuse and head up stairs to 3f.
-single track to flashback tape.

Flashback Tape:

-wait for all the talking ever. Head to the box and get your gun. Run straight past elevator to bunk room and through other door. Circling around to far side where you can enter the double doors and crawl through hole and see fungus mass.
-Head back through bunk room to elevator, take elevator to S2, killing molded that drops into elevator.
-follow straight path to end of engine room. Get corrosive to use on door and open door.
-do a loop of room while hearing talking and head back out all the way to elevator killing/passing molded in your way.
-take elevator back up to 3f, elevator stops on 2f. Head right, enter door on left around corner trigger call. Go back the opposite way to 2f bunk room, through there to double doors opposite elevator.
-enter right double doors, get through vent to stairs. Go up to 3f. Follow linear path to Alan and scene.
-enter next room and use computer for scene, enter next room to hallway and flashback end


-continue along 3f to elevator. Read note on box and then pry elevator open and get in. Climb ladder to hold and drop in to 4f. Run straight ahead to Captain's cabin room with lug wrench on far side. Map is also here.
-Go to elevator, pry it open and jump down. Use lug wrench on panel. Hop down, read note on wall. Go to 2f, turn right and run down hallway to guest room with box. Get your pistol and pickup the corrosive. Also a note on a piece of furniture to read.
-exit guest room, take a left, at door to stairs take a right and enter the double doors, take right doors and then left. Arrange paintings to match other wall, collect corrosive, exit to hallway
-right out of the double doors straight into the door at the end of the hall. Climb up the ladder, at top turn around and shoot statue. Collect remote bombs and open box for lockpick, jump down and exit. There will be one molded here, use a remote bomb on it. Take a left and go to bunk room door that needs a corrosive. Collect remote bombs and captain cabin key.
-go back to stairs door and go up to 3f. Run past elevator this time and into the next room. Use lockpick on box to get coin. Use corrosive on lock and pick up bombs. Follow single track to sick bay. Leave bomb by entrance to bay
-start unscrewing the cables and a Fatty will spawn. Use bomb to stagger, make sure you've grabbed the power cable and run past and back to elevator. Climb up to to hole to drop into 4f again. There will be a crawling molded here.
-Go to the opposite side of the captains room to find stairs and look for a statue on the left side at the start of the stairs. Go to Captain's room and get machine gun. Drop into elevator and climb down. Insert cable.
-Go down ladder, go to 1f this time. Go left into door straight ahead. Read file on shelf. Enter the bunk room from door in here and read note on bed. Exit to hallway and run past elevator. Go right and take fuse from box by door. Back to elevator. Get in and climb up. Insert fuse.
-go to S2. Follow linear path through engine room as per flashback. Killing/passing molded on way (2 remote bombs should kill the fatty). As you exit Engine room 1 and go down some stairs, use corrosive on a wall lockbox to get the final coin. Get to Ethan. Scene.
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User Info: TheChap656

2 years ago#5
Salt Mine:

-Scene with Bakers.
-follow linear path to hut, with statue and box with gear and final backpack. After you get your guns, pop back into the first part of the hut where you climbed up the ladder, there's a statue sitting in window.
-exit hut, follow hut to path, kill molded in way. Press button and enter elevator and go down.
-run straight ahead, looking for explosive traps/molded, go around pillar and into cave hole on other side. Take a right and run into lighted tunnel ahead.
-follow track up and push minecart. Follow track down and take left tunnel. Instead of going up the stairs right away, go beside the other minecart on the tracks and look up and left to some barrels. There is a statue in front of them. Up stairs into door. The last 5 files are in these two rooms.-Use bottle to make toxin at case.
-exit room via other door and go through save room, down stairs and follow tracks until you can take a tunnel to the left again to door
-run straight through water to lighted tunnel, and follow in. Keep follow inner spiral path and kill molded in your way while you keep going up till broken stairs
-follow tunnel to fight dual fatties. Take ladder up and follow tunnel. Take crack and follow tunnel to wooden blockage. You’re in basement now of Guest House. In room with sofa/memory, shoot final statue on shelves opposite couch.
-go upstairs, triggering memories, head to kitchen and hallway to front door to trigger scene where you show her the toxin
-head upstairs to attic. Inject toxin, fight final boss.
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User Info: Sunflower-Kid

2 years ago#6
Awesome. Planning to speed run this tomorrow so this is super helpful.
Thank you for taking the time to read this sign. This sign loves you.
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User Info: SooSober

2 years ago#7
Gonna try this today.
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User Info: pat_riots_12

2 years ago#8
Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks
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User Info: WickedRogue

2 years ago#9
I tried doing this with a guide but it's extremely stressful as you can miss a document and have to go back for it. I finished in around 5 hours. I'll just redo it for a less stressful speed run.
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User Info: 12ehsteve

2 years ago#10
I didn't use this guide, yet, but I'm at boat house part (just finished Testing Area) with 48 mins left before 4 hours, do you think I can make it if I follow this guide?
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