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User Info: omega bahumat

omega bahumat
1 month ago#11
I just needed the other worlds to be more spacious and filled with lore and specifically niflheim and muspelheim to be less boring and monotonous after the 3rd run to get gear...

Helheim could have had plenty of Easter eggs but failed.

The story though? 10/10. Everything felt real, relatable and it was paced incredibly well.

User Info: MauroMartel

1 month ago#12
If anything, I feel like this GoW was an improvement on almost every front compared to the previous games. Kratos is no longer a one dimensional rage/revenge a******, his relationship with his son Atreus is believable and well developed, and the gore and nudity from previous games was too gratuitous and certainly would not fit well in a tale about an atoning father and his son. Even if there's still quite a bit of gore in the game.

Gameplay wise, the new camera was also a massive improvement over the fixed angles of previous games, which at times didn't allow to see what the hell was going on (especially when fighting multiple enemies) and made some platforming segments needlessly frustrating. I also like having some freedom to explore, something that while possible in past games was much more restrictive and even used those damn fixed camera angles to hide stuff. That's just my opinion though. To each his own.
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User Info: BehemothBlade

1 month ago#13
Yeah beneath all that shiny graphics and dialogue you gave a boring and barebones combat system.

User Info: DuMichAuch64

1 month ago#14
No, the game is great, not perfect but it so well made I really enjoy it.

User Info: Druff

4 weeks ago#15
Not at all. For one thing, I never had a lot of hype or expectations for GoW 2018 because I never liked the original GoWs all that much. They were OK, for the mindless action games that they were. GoW 2018 is unquestionably an improvement. The only question is how much. Personally I happen to think GoW 2018 is waaaaaay better than the previous ones.
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User Info: AristeianLion

4 weeks ago#16
Fighting different palette swaps of trolls does get a bit old.
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I felt the travel was very slow and tedious, and also I didn't like how "automated" some of the movements are, and how you can't even jump off a cliff if you are being stupid.

The graphics are incredible, the combat is quite good, and the puzzles are great. They were definitely experimenting with this game so they had to take chances, and overall I really enjoyed it, but it wasn't as good as GoW 3 to me, which is the greatest in the series.
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User Info: Kent233

3 weeks ago#18
Yeah so many things to touch up on
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User Info: Vamp_Wraith

2 weeks ago#19
I still like God of War 2 the most because it’s a non stop action adventure thrill ride, but God of War 4 is much more polished, sends the story in an exciting new direction while maturing Kratos’ character. I think this game is plenty hype for what it is.
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(edited 2 weeks ago)
Yes. Just finished it (glad I got it pre-owned) the story is alright n I get why they went this direction but I hated the combat system and overall direction. Game is pretty tho

Dmc5 is more like God of war then this game
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