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  3. Anyone else slightly let down with God of War 4?

User Info: UsherBhai

1 month ago#1
Hello everyone,,
The first 20 minutes through the first major boss fight with the Stranger is fantastic. You feel like you’re in for an epic engaging adventure.

Then all of a sudden the game becomes very slow with some very poor pacing and insanely repetitive enemies. It feels like this game has the least variety of enemies in the entire franchise which is pretty shocking. Feels like there were less than ten different enemies to fight which was absurdly low.

The boss fights are way too infrequent and I found the story to be a bit hollow although I did like the ending.

All in all it was a good game, but no way can you say it was a masterpiece. God of war 2 and 3 were better and I really wish they didn’t neuter the violence so much like they did in the new game. It felt very watered down compared to the earlier titles. I hope they don’t tone it down as much in the next one.

Anyways, anyone else feel like it was good but not really a masterpiece that all the hype was suggesting?

User Info: Lord_Wombat

1 month ago#2
I agree.

I really liked the game during my playthrough, but I was left with a "...that's really it?" feeling afterwards. The game was very "tight" overall, both mechanically and storywise, but it feels very incomplete (for lack of a better term).

Like I've said here many times, GoW 2018 is a 10/10 tech demo for the upcoming sequel.
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User Info: monkyby87

1 month ago#3
Calling it a tech demo is a joke.

It's a great game, but it's definitely more about the story and relationship between Kratos and Atreus. It's really quite different than all of the other God of War games, which is why people were disappointed.

As for variety of different enemies, it has the same amount as any other game. I don't know why people think it has no variety. I had just finished playing all 3 God of Wars before this, and I felt like I was fighting the same 5 enemies over and over.
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User Info: chang3ling

1 month ago#4
Plenty of people were. However, plenty of people also loved it.
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User Info: Skelligepirate

1 month ago#5

User Info: ThrillKillFan

1 month ago#6
Slightly is an understatement for me. The only thing I liked were the visuals. The fact they changed most everything else annoyed the f*** out of me. Worst thing they did, besides the control scheme being on the shoulder buttons, was that colonoscopy view camera where you couldn't SEE enemies getting ready to attack and had to rely on HUD cluttering indicators for that.
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User Info: coolblackknight

1 month ago#7
Wasn't let down at all...

Improvement from the previous gen's experience as far as I'm concerned.

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User Info: snake2410

1 month ago#8
It's the first game in the series since the first to actually have me wanting to replay it multiple times. That's says a lot.

My favorite in the series, best game in the series in my opinion. I loved the vast majority of the changes. I feel like this direction made for a much more enjoyable experience compared to the other 6 games (7 if you count the cellphone game).

1 - 3 and the two PSP games were great, but the style started to get worn out pretty quickly. Combat in this one was such a nice change of pace in my opinion.

My personal current favorite game right now.
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User Info: TheAlmightyPoe

1 month ago#9
The lack of enemy types....well...more like fighting too many trolls....nah too many trolls treated as bosses is what let me down.

If we had two more unique bosses in the story I would say the game would be a 10/10.
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User Info: Ite

1 month ago#10
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