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User Info: chang3ling

3 months ago#11
lilaznboy77 posted...
Can I get Zeus armor before beating new game +?

Technically yes, though I believe one of the pieces drops from Sigrun.
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User Info: BillyBob1

3 months ago#12
I landed on Zeus and Cod for my Challenge level walkthrough. The play-style for these two armors is completely different. I liked pairing Retribution with Zeus, using long range throws to whittle down groups of enemies to help reduce the risk of being outflanked. Then having obtained some space to work - clobbering time.

Cod gets paired with Sutyr. Throw in the top Lv 8 & 9 enchantments and the 9 realm one and you get time slow down chances for dodging, hitting and being hit. With the high luck it feels like you spend at least 1/3 of every battle in slow-mo. On top of that, power up the Axe with Blessing of the Frosts and it's show time. The effects of the runic with Wrath of Fire all in slow-mo is awesome.

I'm playing GmGoW now and, sadly I find Zeus is no longer a good alternative. Basically, one hit and your dead and my dodging and weaving skills are just not up to that standard of perfection.

User Info: GradeABrassiere

3 months ago#13
Does Zeus armor affect the strength of Runic and Rage?
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User Info: FreeMan5407

3 months ago#14
GradeABrassiere posted...
Does Zeus armor affect the strength of Runic and Rage?

No, or at least doesn't feel that way, having said that it still the most powerful armor, but personally i find it boring after a while and ironically it makes the game too easy

The armor makes the charging R2 of the weapons (and reticule mode/aiming except for the bladesthis one is with R1) and the stance attack extremely powerful, the planting bomb attack can one shot certain revenants and destroy groups of enemies
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User Info: blizzardrg

3 months ago#15
Regarding the planting bomb attack. Do you how come some armor does not end with the bomb?
You sure it does not affect runic?
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