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User Info: BillyBob1

3 months ago#11
If you want the feel of Kratos being a god just play 'give me a story'. I think the dev's have done a great job of providing sensible difficulty progressions.

User Info: Raeng

3 months ago#12
Darksoulgaming posted...
Judge1219 posted...
Everyone cites the soulsborne games like they’re some giant milestone. The hardest of those games is the very first one you play the rest all follow a similar formula so each sebsequent game is easier than the last.

This game is different, learn the mechanics. Use ledges to knock off enemies, use r2 > throw r2 to pin them to walls for instant kills, use fists during the early parts of the game because stun killing is faster than axe swinging, spam execution cleave, etc.
ok I'm not comparing dark souls to god of war i was simply stating I have beaten all of the games of the series and those are some of the hardest games ever, so I didn't want to here the you just suck bulls***, I have been using the walls for instant kills I have been throwing enemies off ledges, I'm playing give me god of war and am already about to fight baldur for the last time, I've already killed 4 Valkyries and I don't even have the neifelheim armor.

Not to brag, but come on man. "Some of the hardest ever"? You seem to like a challenge so I really recommend you look more to past gaming titles. Souls is, frankly, kindergarten. If you want some title recommendations I will glady offer some!
http://www.stingermagazine.com - articles on the action genre's best.
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC09UqeY80WzoWMnxRkL4Tkw - challenge runs.

User Info: Ishagu

3 months ago#13
Too long, didn't read
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User Info: BlissedIgnoranc

3 months ago#14
I'd love to see TC try some of the bullet hell games they have in Japan, citing Souls games as hardest? Dude prolly couldn't get past lvl 1 on most of them. Souls is easy, once you've memorized attack patterns/tells.
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User Info: GrievousFan21

3 months ago#15
I don't think you can really compare Dark Souls games to "give me God of War" mode.

Dark Souls game have no difficulty level so you're playing the game essentially on "normal" every time you play. Once you get use to how those games operate, you shouldn't really struggle except on boss fights(this has been my experience).

Yes, you can die in Dark souls to trash mobs, but you're not necessarily facing enemies who are being specifically designed to make the game more difficult.

That can't be said about God of War on the most difficult settings. They're basically saying "hey, if this game is too easy on normal or hard mode, we'll give you a bigger challenge." which essentially means trash mobs who power up mid fight and regen their health and trash enemies who can one shot you.

Sure, Dark Souls is hard ,and they throw a lot at you to make it difficult, but it's very rare that you'll come across a garbage enemy that can one shot you.
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User Info: Saphiro187

3 months ago#16
LightningAce11 posted...
Please use the enter key.

User Info: Darksoulgaming

3 months ago#17
Ishagu posted...
Too long, didn't read

Good for you, felt the need to tell me though huh? Puny troll.

User Info: Elemenope

3 months ago#18
GOW is like Souls blended with a hack and slash game.
The movement controls like The Last of Us or Gears of War (w/ no cover system), but the fighting is vaguely like Dark Souls except you have unlimited stamina and can evade or parry to cancel out of most attacks, so you can be pretty relentless with the large variety of moves for the 3 weapons in the game (fists / spartan rage counts as one). Enemies are tough, though, and have lots of poise (resistance to being flinched) to compensate, but you have even more powerful runic attacks, talisman abilities and special normal attacks to compensate that.

User Info: AKrok7

3 months ago#19
I love the Souls games (Bloodborne is my Fav out of the bunch) but I also love God of War. Everything about God of Wars presentation to combat to everything is executed perfectly! Not sure why you would hate on this game... No DLC, no paywall, lots of side stuff / hard stuff if you find the main game/combat too easy, etc... Overall a fantastic game happy to play it on my Pro in all its HDR glory...

User Info: HipHopBeats

3 months ago#20
LightningAce11 posted...
Please use the enter key.
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