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  3. Would they be bold enough to do God of War in biblical terms?

User Info: Waytoodeep03

8 months ago#1
Or would that be too much for America? Especially Bible belt families.

User Info: D_Gryphon

8 months ago#2
That would be pretty spicy haha

User Info: Lazz3k

8 months ago#3
Would be a best seller. Tho, likely boring. Only the 1 god to kill, and he doesnt show up for s***, except in rare occurences of burnt toast.

And if they went with the angel angle, would likely turn out to be a reskin of the valkyries.

User Info: hdx514

8 months ago#4
Not a chance.

For those who remember, Santa Monica caved in and changed the name of trophy called "Bros before Hos" for killing one of the Fury sisters to "Bros before Foes" days after minor social media backlash.

They won't touch the Christian Bible with a 100ft Leviathan ax throw.

User Info: Boxcar1989

8 months ago#5
As a Christian myself, I can’t say I’d be thrilled about it but I also believe in creative freedom. So if this is something Santa Monica Studios wanted to do then it isn’t my place to tell them no.

Having said that, I just don’t see how it would really work. Unless it went the more catholism route, kind of like what Dante’s Inferno did with the circles of hell.

But I mean, hey it could work? This new God of War proved that Kratos isn’t all about killing anything in his way anymore.

User Info: Veladus

8 months ago#6
Hard mode: Hindu GoW
Very Hard mode: JudeoChristian GoW
Will Be Beheaded For This mode: Islamic GoW

User Info: 8SaintWanderer

8 months ago#7
The thing is The New Testament pretty much destroys Kratos as a concept, Kratos would convert in all likelihood. I like to think that after detroying most other pantheons, Kratos would eventually repent in the name of Jesus, we already see him in a very different light compared to the previous games, even towards the end of this new game, Kratos admits he's doing his best to be better than before.
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User Info: AkimboSlice1

8 months ago#8
No but it would be cool. I really like Christian Angel Hiearchy lore.

Would be cool to fight against a Cherubim but judging by how this game came out, we would probably just fight demon reskins.
Boy, read this.

User Info: SeathBlackheart

8 months ago#9
I dont see Kratos killing Jesus as a good thing. Not because I care, but the total s*** storm it would bring, no thanks
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User Info: TheSuperGameGod

8 months ago#10
I'm just going to post a reply in this one thread; because I'm trying to abide with GameFaqs rules and stipulations.

The last time I posted a long message regarding the Bible, and though I wasn't the creator of that thread...and a moderator deleted the entire thread which had about 7-8 pages. They did this because apparently we're not supposed to discuss religion.

BTW, God is my Best Friend.

Have fun...

If you have any questions regarding the Bible or Christianity...you can always PM me.
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  3. Would they be bold enough to do God of War in biblical terms?
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