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Onivicoius316 3 years ago#1
So downloaded the game got all happy booted it up and....CE Error :( try other games all work fine. Uninstall reinstall, still the same. Quick initialize and reinstall the same. Anyone else have this problem. Any fix or did I just waste 60 dollars?
Stra7agos 3 years ago#2
How much extra space do you have on your HDD?
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Onivicoius316 3 years ago#3
400gb the only thing on it is God of War after the initialize
ArcaneMantis 3 years ago#4
I had an error but it turned out I didn't have enough storage space so I deleted some stuff, don't know why it's happening to you though.
JIBBALOT 3 years ago#5
Dude I'm in the same boat, I've tried everything too, I've run out of ideas so any help would be awesome.
Onivicoius316 3 years ago#6
Well looks like gonna have to call customer service and beg for a refund
TheSuperGameGod 3 years ago#7
Onivicoius316 posted...
Well looks like gonna have to call customer service and beg for a refund

That would make my blood boil. I wouldn't try to get a refund yet because there might be a solution that may come out soon enough.
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DeadOnArrival 3 years ago#8
Try some of the stuff here:

This sucks. Found some reddit links with people facing the same issue. Hope you find a solution!
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JIBBALOT 3 years ago#9
Dude it's not the disc there is a few of us with this problem
Collier1313 3 years ago#10
Just curious, we're you having it download the update while installing the game? Maybe try downloading\installing the game first and then the download?
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