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User Info: -Frog-

11 months ago#101
Storm-Shadow posted...
I've been getting lazy too and it is really nice not having to switch discs. I find I play digital ones more. Maybe I'll just do digital. Thanks for your input!

Problem with digital is there is no resale value to them. If I don't plan on replaying the game I can easily sell a disc copy online or to a store for in store credit (even if they f*** you) it's still better then the game collecting dust if I know I won't play it again.
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User Info: Storm Chamber

Storm Chamber
11 months ago#102

This'll be a day one YouTube watch.

User Info: LionHartZero

11 months ago#103
OlendraDivine posted...
Raeng posted...
Will buy it used eventually for 15 bucks max.


The whole "twelve-yr-old boy alone in the wilderness with a fifty-yr-old man" has these fanboys drooling, but from what I've seen it doesn't look all that exciting.

Meanwhile, after hanging around the board shortly after its release and seeing comments about how others enjoy it, you’ll be one of the people that secretly picks up a copy in the next couple of days yourself...

...stop the nonsense
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User Info: Playstation49er

11 months ago#104
Not planning on paying a cent atm, I'm hoping to get it through Gamefly.

The reviews swayed me to buy it from Best Buy (Gamers Club forever!!!), but I have personal stuff going on. It's not going how I want, and even with savings I can't justify buying it.
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