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User Info: LILDOOP

2 years ago#1
Kratos died in God of war 2, but he then lived again after breaking out of hell. At the end of the game he went back in time; This would leave the other Kratos alive. If he traveled back in time, then he would have left the other version of himself in the real timeline. There could very easily be two Gods of war living in the God of war series. This Kratos would not be redeemed, he would be blood-lusted and crazy like you were in part 2.

What would be awesome would be if the other version of you were after you because you took away his chance for vengeance against Zeus. He would be hunting you down, enfuriated and he would pour all his rage and hatred toward you. This could and would make for the bloodiest and most epic Gow battle of all time.

If this were true and became canon in the series, it could make for some insanely epic future games. Kratos could fight the unredeemed version of his old self who would retain the blades of chaos while you would fight using your Viking axe and whatever other Nordic weapons (hopefully Mjolnir) that you had collected. This theory makes complete sense and would probably be the most epic thing to happen in the God of war saga.

Now I think Athena will try to convince the Norse gods of Kratos insanity and tell them all of how he killed the greek pantheon. If this were happening that Kratos was having to fight against Norse gods while the second Kratos which Kratos didn't know about was tracking him down, would be awesome. Kratos could fight himself and kill him, or maybe he could fight himself, not kill him and have him help him kill the Norse gods. If they did decide to keep both Kratos's alive, then they could make even more games. Both with different story lines of what either Kratos is doing. I don't know how well that would go over with fans or if it would even work out, but I for one think it would be very cool.

Also, the Greek gods could still be alive. The Norse gods could be the greek gods reincarnated. Since Kratos killed Hades, where did the gods go when they died? Could they have gone to hell? Could they have even died? They could very well be alive, alive and well and reincarnated as different gods. If this was the case, it would be a major plot twist and bring any god of war fan who is unlike me, bored with the series, right back into it.

If this were the case that almost all the greek gods were still living. Who would be the new leader? Which god would really be Odin? If Odin were really just a greek god reincarnate then which one would he be? He could be Ares, which would be amazing imo, although Ares may just be the Norse god of war.

Also, would all the previous people and gods he had killed before killing hades escape hell? They would not be being held there anymore since hades died. So could they all just break out? If they could then Kratos could meet Hercules again, that guy who he fed to the hydra again and many more past and long dead characters. Could Deimos even be alive? Even Ares could be back.

Imo, the only two greek gods who may be truly dead are Zeus and Hades, because Kratos killed there very souls. I see no reason why the others would be dead.

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User Info: FatCrampedWrist

2 years ago#2
I have a different theory, but it's probably not right.

Artemis and Apollo were both away from Olympus during the events of God of War 3. After leaving the ruined Mediterranean world behind him, Kratos encounters Artemis (who had no knowledge of what transpired in God of War 2-3), she falls in love with Kratos in an area between Greece and Nordic lands, and she gives birth to Atreus and teaches him how to hunt.

Separately, ghost Athena reaches out to Apollo and implores him to retrieve his sister and nephew. Apollo does so and turns Artemis against Kratos, revealing how Kratos ruthlessly murdered the gods and ruined the world. Both siblings fight Kratos to avenge the Olympians and he slaughters them. Nearing her dying breath, Artemis attempts to murder Atreus in order to save him from Kratos's cycle of violence. She fails, shooting an arrow into Kratos that was intended downhill for her own son. Broken, kneeling and regretful, Kratos swears to Artemis that Atreus will never repeat the sins of his father and then Artemis dies in his arms.

Little Atreus runs up the hill and sees the bodies of Artemis and Apollo. Emotionally drained, Kratos decides to lie and tell Atreus that a jealous and spiteful uncle Apollo (the last of the Olympians) killed his mother. Kratos also takes Artemis's knife and Apollo's bow from the scene. Kratos and Atreus then push further into Nordic lands to leave the legacy of the Olympians behind for good.

(One thing I agree with you on is that ghost Athena may go to the Nordic pantheon and warn them that Kratos is coming.)
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User Info: MrTinkertrain

2 years ago#3
Dupes: >two Kratos
The other Kratos is left to rot. Gaia doesn't need him (so he isn't saved).

Our Kratos isn't anything of the sort.

>after us

>would have BoC
That Kratos didn't have them. He had BoA. We had BoE.

>Greek things still alive
There should be plenty. Ghost Athena is still around. Also, there shouldn't be Nordic world (or others) with how GoW presented creation. Not unless 'Hope' changed the world (along with the release of deity souls controlling reality).

This would make the most sense, but I'm not getting that impression. World Serpent seems to be filling in the role of Gaia this time around (gosh, I sure hope it isn't going to betray us after we cause Ragnarok).

About the only thing people know of the mythos along with the existence of Thor, Odin and Loki (vaguely aware of Valkyries as people also 'know' Amazons). I trust 'worthiness' is not a thing in myth proper (or Kratos would not qualify).

>deity souls
Released into the 'chaos'. They don't go to the Underworld (else Hades would still have Persephone *who herself wanted an escape from him in CoO and felt destroying their world would bring everything to oblivion*). Hades is still around, but doesn't govern anything. It could be re-purposed into Hel's domain though.

>unlike you
I should hope you're not bored with the series. Specifically, its core (GoW's HnS formula *most specifically, with the combat*). Speaking of all that, what's your run history, friend?

>break out
Many are merely souls, shades, wraiths, etc. versus being 'themselves'. Fresh kills like Hercules might still have enough of their original personality and strength to leave, I suppose.

>Boat Captain
They really dropped the ball with his cameos. GoWIII was lazy. CoO should have led up to our meeting with him (winking at the novel *non-canon*). GoS had its chance, too. GoW:A couldn't have done too much beyond maybe have him at the dock where we stole a boat or something.

If there is any concept I want to go to Hell, it is this one. At least he wasn't some red-devil twink when realized, but they used 'secret revealed', too (in a stupid way *Kratos still doesn't learn Zeus is his father until Athena tells him*). I'm just surprised they haven't had the audacity to show people finding Cronos in the desert (found by modern military as if our world is the same as theirs) like in another non-canon video.

>Kratos killed their souls
Zeus was corrupted by an 'Evil', but I don't know that we destroyed it or his soul. We did absorb Hades (presumably imprisoning him within ourselves). I suppose that's about the same as death.

FCW: >Apollo
Didn't even get to be in the games. His bow lost to him by some dork trapped in glorified bramble.

Didn't bother with her in GoWIII and GoW:A dropped their weird 'centauress' plans (would have just been for the MP anyway as with the wasted Polyphemus, Stheno, etc.).

>falls in love with Kratos
>eternal virgin who hates men and presides over young girls
That's enough out of you. The only person he got close to after his wife was Athena (unintended, but highlighted by Jaffe and Barlog).

>turns Artemis against Kratos
More likely, tries to trick her into killing him (and succeeds as with Orion). Who knows. Maybe Skorpius "Monster Truck" Jackson can make a comeback, too.

>double boss fight
Too little, too late. I still want her 'Blade' back (for tricking, Homerun techniques, lifts, etc.).

>tries to murder her own child
I don't know about all that (though if it was a boy...).

>swears he won't be bad
HA! HA! Out of character. He couldn't even keep his oath to Ares (soul sworn trumps blood stuff).
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