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  3. All of my save files were deleted.

User Info: chippydip

1 month ago#1
I was in the final area and had just turned around to grab all the comics.
Then the game crashed and when I rebooted my ps4, i got an error message saying It couldn't restart.

Feel so gutted... But seeing how some of yall are at NG10+ kinda makes me feel like it was no big loss.

Feel like I should Just watch a speedrun guide and blast through the game.

Another part of me wants to just delete the game.

Need guidance, folken.

What's the best weapon to speed through the game?
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User Info: TheGreatNoodles

1 month ago#2
I don't have the advice, but feel your pain.

I had my game crash once before and it chose to crash during an auto-save, so bye-bye score.

Definitely the worst part about the game is the inability to have manual saves even as a backup.
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User Info: Berating

1 month ago#3
do you maybe have back up saves on ps+? if not then yeah that's a s***ty situation
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  3. All of my save files were deleted.
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