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User Info: Ner0nitas

4 months ago#1
Excuse my crappy english. ^^

I've finally decided to play this game and man... I could not put it down.
Every game in my backlog that takes a while to be finished just remains unfinished, cause I lose interest.
But "The Surge" ist a blast from start to finish!

I don't see it as "just another Dark Souls clone", cause it does many things different enough to be it's own thing.
Exploring the world and finding a new item is exciting, and that nearly every single time.
I was so disappointed in the exploration aspect of "Sekiro", cause all you find were bonbons, ash and what not... rarely something gamechanging.
But "The Surge" hides implant after implant, and everything matters.

Leveling your core and deciding, which implants you wanna use is also a great way to give the player the freedom to create and try out new builds.
And you feel terrible weak at the start, but after a good portion of the game, you get the stuff that makes you wreck everything.

Sadly, there aren't much bosses, but I love the existing bosses.
The combat, while tricky, is fun as hell if you get the hang of it, and it feels incredible meaty.

And the length was really good... but I'm more the exploring person.
I also don't rush through an area and only move on, if I get the hang of an enemy type, so a bit training and grinding was involved.
But the game wasn't overly long, so it was one exciting moment after another, and it was never even close to be boring.

I'm so hyped for "The Surge 2" right now, it's unreal!
I also hope they don't change up too much, cause I love how the first game felt to play.

If there is one thing I don't like, it's the shafts... these small ways which mostly connects 2-4 rooms.
They get so convoluded near the end of the game, that I had no clue which shortcut leads to the room I wanna go right now.

And yeah, if I had to decide which game is more fun to me, one of the DS games, or Nioh, or... ugh... Sekiro, I would say 100% this

User Info: seanskate

4 months ago#2
I just did another playthrough yesterday. Really fun game, too bad it’s so short. I would have liked a little more variety in enemies since all the humanoid enemies are easily disposed of the only challenge to master is bosses and the leaping robots. And 2 of the 5 bosses end up another humanoid.
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  3. One of the best games I've ever played!
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