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So, does anyone know of a mod that disables the penalty on the crusaders relics(or at least stops assault points from triggering it)? The relics are borderline unusable because of how easy it is to get assult points in your journal and not even knowing where the hell it came from. Love the lore portion of it but FK the implementation.
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Spacefrisian 1 month ago#2
Which Crusader mod? Link might help.

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yveltianknight9 1 month ago#3
Sry I badly worded it, I was talking about the creation club. The update made it so ANY crimes added to your journal immediately triggers a 300% reduction in regen to basically everything. Which wouldn't be a problem... if you didn't get assault points over really stupid sh** including fighting things that attack you sometimes.

Not sure my idea of fun is baby sitting my journal every 5 seconds just to use the creation. So if there isn't a way to disable the debuff it's probably just dead content for me. Pretty but useless outside of a display rack. Especially sense some modded creatures (even ones that attack you) count as assault to fight. Least the stendar paladin armor is a decent replacement worst to worst.
Psn ID XxdrakenguardxX. Fc is 1392-5980-9260.
Life's full of lemons, not all of them make lemonade.
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LOOOPS 1 month ago#4
Sounds abysmal as usual with Creations. The enchantments on the Crusader Relics aren't even that good. They should have done something amazing or unique to warrant the infamy curse.

Crusader Sword: 15 Fire Damage. Woop. The unique Gladius from Civil War Champions does 30 and has no drawback. Same goes for Goldbrand which is another simple 30 Fire Damage enchantment. And come to think of it, Trueflame as well. These effects had no thought put into them whatsoever.

I can only imagine playing this as an Imperial and using their racial power whenever in doubt, with a lot of quicksaving.
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DuneMan 1 month ago#5
My first thought would be to search 'better crusader's relics' on Beth.net. Most of the Creation Club content has mods along those lines; I use the Better Rare Curios one to expand the availability of ingredients at Khajiit Caravans. As you said, even if you don't get a bounty for attacking first against something you know to be hostile, it can still count as a crime. So those items are basically dead content.

I know of at least one case where attacking first gives you a bounty: If you're at Fort Dawnguard and spot some Vampire Scouts near the canyon entrance then attacking them first incurs a bounty for assault and/or murder, based on the nearby Deer reporting your 'crime'. Not even joking. Animals reporting crimes is a thing in Skyrim; lame AF too.
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cymanx 1 month ago#6
This is happening because people using mods which make Skyrim do things it was never meant to do in the first place
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