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nowitsmytime 2 months ago#1
I already have it on Switch and I've sunk around 200 hours in it (most of my playtime was a year or 2 ago though) and I've been kind of on and off with the game, mostly off though. I've been searching games through steam and I have a very picky taste, and I found it's currently $14 on Steam. Do you think the game will feel refreshing if I were to buy it again for my laptop? I might plan on downloading some mods too, so how much do they add to the new experience?

Laptop Specs: My laptop isn't the strongest since it's not a gaming laptop, but it isn't bad either. It's an HP spectre x360 with intel core i7, 16 gigs of ram, and a GeoForce mx250, so I know it can run Skyrim, but I'm also wondering how many mods it can handle and if the game could look more visually appealing on the laptop than it does on my Switch?

Will I get a refreshing experience playing it on laptop compared to when I played it on Switch?
Can my laptop run mods fine?

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ChrisZewski 2 months ago#2
r/skyrimmods might be a better place to ask, just by virtue of population. Im not sure how many on the xbox page of gamefaqs can advise you about your laptop specs as compared to switch....


14 bucks (13.19 specifically) is a tough price point to argue against regardless.

EDIT: I'd wager your specs are significantly hampered by the lack of a dedicated video card, but i really don't know the extent of the limitation. Maybe you run the game fine in 1080p and manage 30fps, if that's your goal. Most mods aren't going to impact your performance unless they're graphically oriented, but the internet's your oyster. Plenty of places besides bethesda.net to get a complete array of mods to significantly change the experience mechanically and even visually from what you went through on switch, without effecting performance*.

*Maybe, i don't know how Skyrim runs on systems without a dedicated video card, even a 10th/11th gen i7.
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Spacefrisian 1 month ago#3
You could buy it again, but i would first consider getting either a better pc or a Xbox1s.

And yes, it would indeed be better to get advice on various discords like r/skyrimmods or Tales from Tamriel than here on gamefaqs.
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Red_Baron07 1 month ago#4
Short answer, no.

If you played it, you've played it. No amount of s***ty CC mods will add anything really worthwhile to the game. Waste of money.
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drclaeys 4 weeks ago#5

wow. I played it on the playstation. I bought an xbox and played it there too.

I think I played it on my ps3 AND ps4.

I think its a game you can play yearly. I just played last week, for the 20th time. loved it, was sad when it ended. gosh maybe 30th time.

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