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User Info: chaomas

1 year ago#11
I'm level 81 and got all the mods that makes the mobs and the game so very hard that you actually have to scan your surroundings when ready to fight a room or area or dungeon and carefully pick who you go after first PLUS I play on legendary difficulty as a pure mage Destruction/Conjuration, no weapons at all :-}

I very rarely die but when I do. it's due to being over aggressive lol and I don't have any followers because for my playstyle they just get in the way, only time I have an npc follower is if it's mandatory for a quest :-}
Xbox GT Teminth

User Info: a123454321

1 year ago#12
Moegitto posted...
1. What is your Armor level?

2. At level 20 your one hand skill is kinda low, I'm level 16 and have a one hand level of 60.

3. Have you tried enchanting your armor with bonuses?

Those are my important questions, Beers asked the other one.

One handed is lvl 65, got an enchanted mace that does 33 damage and and 6pts of fire damage

Armour level is lvl 59

And only mods i have is to make the graphics look better and the unofficial patch

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