Remaster seems more difficult

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User Info: a123454321

1 year ago#1
Playing on the default adept difficulty. I have around 220 armour, 33 one handed weapon and lvl 20.

Im finding if i have to take on heavy bandits they just kill me within a few hits. Not so bad if its just 1 but if there is a couple i stand no chance. Not sure what im doing wrong as i never struggled on the 360 version like this

Im struggling on mission, despite the recommended lvl being way lower than mine

User Info: Beers

1 year ago#2
Do you have any mods installed?
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User Info: Moegitto

1 year ago#3
1. What is your Armor level?

2. At level 20 your one hand skill is kinda low, I'm level 16 and have a one hand level of 60.

3. Have you tried enchanting your armor with bonuses?

Those are my important questions, Beers asked the other one.
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User Info: Oddrat

1 year ago#4
Do you use followers? They're great for tanking and drawing aggro.

You should also focus on blacksmithing and enchanting if you want the best gear.
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User Info: MagicLarp

1 year ago#5
Git gud.
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User Info: Enderlee

1 year ago#6
The enemies I find more difficult for NPCs are the vampires. In 360, no matter your level, NPCs could defeat them more easily. But on XB1, they have a much harder time.

User Info: MeTeReD

1 year ago#7
Infiltration is a tough quest, you are not doing anything wrong.

Even if your Alchemy is low, make A LOT of Paralysis and Invisibility potions and favorite them. Make sure you are carrying plenty of healing potions and Vegetable Soups too.

Try to sneak as much as possible and use Invisibility potions if you need to hide for a moment, then keep applying the paralysis ones on your weapon just continue hitting the bandits.

There are a lot of traps, so you also have to keep an eye on your follower. If you have shouts, use them. If you use a shield, bash like crazy (don't forget your Soups!) If you are using a follower, use Healing Hands on him/her and let them take some damage too.

User Info: HelloNewman

1 year ago#8
Doesn't seem any harder to me, but I have had a couple of occasions of bandits hitting a killmove on me when I have over half my health left. And it's not like these bandits were out of my league or anything.

User Info: Hatevolved

1 year ago#9
You know I thought I was just crazy but I have felt the same way. It seems like they have tweaked the difficulty a little. I never remember relying on healing potions much at all before, but now I find myself carrying around a stockpile whenever I go out.
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User Info: Shadowhunt92

1 year ago#10
MagicLarp posted...
Git gud.

Hahaha has to be one in every thread
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