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Yamatros 4 months ago#1
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So I’m starting my Daedric build.
I’m going with a Dunmer cause their race looks the closest to Daedra in Skyrim and being surrounded by fire once a day seems lit. Badum tss

Anywho, I decided on my guy starting off bare fisting until he got a Daedric item which then he would use the powers (I’ve) correlated to them and only while they’re equipped (as if he is channeling the Daedric princes power through himself.)
First rushing off to get the Wabbajack since that quest literally hands me it within the first few seconds, then the Mace of Molag Bal and the Black Star so I can enchant as soon as possible to get my items powered up..
After which I haven’t decided a path.

How I figured the skills lined up with the princes was:

Azura - Enchanting
Boethiah - Heavy Armour/Sneak
Clavicus Vile - Speech
Hermaeus Mora - Illusion
Hircine - Archery/Light Armour -Werewolf
Malacath - Smithing
Mehrunes Dagon - One-Handed
Mephala - Two-Handed
Meridia - Restoration (Healing)
Molag Bal - Conjuration (Necromancy) -Vampire
Namira - Alteration
Nocturnal - Lockpicking/Pickpocket
Peryite - Block/Restoration (Wards)
Sanguine - Conjuration (Atromancy)
Sheogorath - Destruction
Vaermina - Alchemy

Anyways.. I just wanted to share my idea. Feel free to improve on it if you’d like. I’d love to hear critiques.
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Olld-Onne 4 months ago#2
Hermaeus Mora simply collect every book you see. Nothing else matters. He also the last Daedric Prince to be associated with illusion as he simply never tries to appeal to anyone when he shows himself. Probably give him speech as in joke myself. Because your speech skill should go up every time he monologues for sure. :)

You could give Mora archery because it nearly always used at some point and being the Daedric Prince of knowledge he would know that. All paths lead to stealth archer can be your motto. Feel free to disregard if you are trying to avoid stealth archer mind.
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Dethuli 4 months ago#4
You can get a full set of enchanted Daedric armor and a weapon from the College of Winterhold at level 1.

Granted, you need to travel around a fair bit to collect materials, use the vendor reset exploit, and save scum...but it's doable.
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