Help deciding on a build.

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User Info: John_Dory

1 year ago#1
Since no unarmed perk mod is in sight, I've decided on one of three builds, the first two based on Fudgemuppet's builds, while the third is my own.

1. A two handed warrior. Uses light armor, as well as illusion magic to frenzy and pacify enemies before combat.

2. Another two handed warrior. This one uses heavy armor, and almost exclusively uses the bound battleaxe. Additionally uses alteration magic to cast ebonyflesh on himself, as well as paralysis on his enemies.

3. A "Cryomancer" warrior. Decked out in Stahlrim armor and wields a sword in one hand and ice magic in the other.

I like the RP value of 2 but I feel only using a bound battleaxe will limit it's late game potential. 1 avoids this by allowing the weapon to be smithed, but it feels much closer to a vanilla two handed warrior, though I guess avoiding fights with pacify could be fun. 3 has a nice mix of RP value and viability, but at the same time it'll be a while before I can get my hands on some Stahlrim and I've heard one handed + destruction is meh.

Any advice? Any other builds that I should try? I really just want to do something a bit more special than pure warrior, pure mage, pure stealth archer, etc.
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User Info: ShaqKhan1993

1 year ago#2
There's a unarmed perk in the heavy armor skill tree. It requires heavy armor gauntlets. Whatever the gauntlets defense stat is, it'll double unarmed damage I do believe.

Then go into the Riften ratway and there's a guy down there that has gloves that do more unarmed damage with them on. Just disenchant those gloves and enchant them to your heavy gauntlets.
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User Info: DrunkenPeasant

1 year ago#3
Cryomancer the most epic, you could make it a nord with ice white hair and light blue eyes, it would fit well into the main quest and would make a good future Nord folk legend. I personally would feel the most comfortable with that kind of character.
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User Info: zangatsubankai

1 year ago#4
I'm voting Cyromancer too. I did it a while back and it's a really fun build. Might wanna look into some of the magic mods for bonus stuff.
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User Info: OverpoweredFish

1 year ago#5
Cryomancer, Stahlrim stuff is the bomb!
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User Info: arcanedarsen

1 year ago#6
The 3rd sounds great idea, never tried myself.
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