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User Info: Inferenion

1 year ago#1
Thinking of picking this game up and correct me if I am wrong about the differences:

Legendary Edition (10 DLC Characters + 5 Premier Skins)
+Bruce Wayne Premier Skin
-Gods Shader
-Demons Shader

Ultimate Edition (9 DLC Characters + 4 Premier Skins)
+Gods Shader
+Demons Shader
-Bruce Wayne Premier Skin

  1. I am guessing to get everything it'll be better to get Ult. even though it's a tiny bit more expensive then get Darkseid DLC when it's on sale while the Bruce Wayne skin can be bought in the in-game store with Source Crystals. Is this correct? Am I missing anything else between the editions?
  2. Is the Brainac character included in the LE right away instead of having to unlock it via Story Mode?
  3. Grid is a mobile unlock. Does it still require a mobile to unlock or is that unlocked in LE? Not sure if that includes UE.
  4. Some post mentions Tournament and Electrum shaders being in the LE. Are these shaders not included in UE as well or has to be bought in the store?

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  3. Legendary vs Ultimate (New Player)
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