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User Info: Ismellliketokyo

3 months ago#1
Re-downloaded this game after a few months and found that at peak time to play ~7pm I found 22 people in an online room as the largest room.

I can’t say i’m surprised though. Everyone is on Mortal Kombat XL, with at least 1 room having 90+ people st peak time, and about 2-3 rooms with 50-60 people playing.

Injustice is probably the most embarrassing game from Netherrealm studios. They did nothing significant to balance it out.

-Unbalanced gear system where unless you’re in a competitive room, BOTH people have to agree to turn it off.

-Unbalanced characters like Batman, superman, supergirl, flash, darkseid, hellboy,robin and whoever else with way more options, plus frames than other characters.

-too 50/50 heavy
-Game design encourages spamming
-Game design encourages people to literally walk backwards most of the match and win by throwing out spam moves and when opponent is close counter.
-Level borders are stil too long, so even when up close its too easy for the other guy to go to the other side, walk backwards and spam-counter some more.

This game was and is a joke. No one plays this game seriously.

Come back to MK XL, its a much better game.

User Info: squirrel_boy

3 months ago#2
games dead but you still cant stop b****ing

User Info: RchHomieQuanChi

3 months ago#3
Honestly, I'm so far in the realm of apathy regarding this game that I can't even be bothered to complain about it anymore.

Too many good games out right now for me to give a s*** about IJ2 in any capacity lol.
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User Info: ScrappyDingo

3 months ago#4
My friends and I still play online.
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User Info: Hunter_mk

3 months ago#5
everyone is waiting for MK11
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User Info: Red_Shot

3 months ago#6
OK dude, if you don’t like the game then move on. You don’t have to come here and b**** about it. I personally still play the game, the roster is huge. I love DC and MK
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User Info: SoFateDemands

3 months ago#7
I, for one, take great comfort from threads like this. No matter how messed up things seem sometimes, many people don't have anything more important to complain about than a video game.

I look forward to seeing some familiar faces complaining endlessly about Mortal Kombat.


2 months ago#8
I think NRS should try to make the Injustice games be their 3v3 Tag Battle game.

People really hate the hardcord zoning of Injustice but the characters they are using canonically have insane projectiles. Making the game more into an assist heavy, even more over the top combos and stuff would appeal the market that is hungry for this type of game after Marvel Infinite bombed.

It's part of the reason Dragonball Fighters Z is so popular.

Now of course sales wise ... Injustice 2 did amazing ... but you never know if that will run out if Injustice 3 is more of the same again.

I think the way Leonardo works with his command "assist" feels amazing. A full game made with this would be super sweet and if done right reward both zoning/lockdown and rushdown but just slightly more towards rushdown thanks to the assist helping you get in.
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