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User Info: Max3732

3 months ago#1
Just for background I used to play the Streetfighter 2 and played some Mortal Kombat vs. DC, but haven't played a fighting game since then. I used to watch the Justice League cartoon and watched the Injustice 1 cutscenes online and decided to give this game a try.

I've actually been winning at the single player story, but I am a bit overwhelmed. I took a break from the story to do the tutorials and it's a lot of information. Once I get into a match I end up trying to play like Streetfighter and have a hard time incorporating the info from the tutorials.

Other than learning the info from the tutorials any time for someone just getting started? I'm not trying to be the best player in the world, but I'd like to be competent enough to enjoy the game.

User Info: Phantom_Fiction

3 months ago#2
Practice is really the best advice. I don’t know what character you are interested in, but go to training and look through their moves and get a feel for their movement. This game has dial-a-combo system where you have preset strings that you link into special moves or launchers to combo rather than hit advantage linkers like SF. Cancelling special moves is probably the most important tutorial for new players.

You can find combo videoes on youtube for every character, but learn the spacing of your moves, not just big combos. Match-up knowledge comes with practice.

Also I would suggest go to controller settings and turning off release check. I always jump straight into online in new fighting games so I can learn by fire, but that is harder when the game has been out for awhile. I always learn better from playing other people, so it is hard to give advice that way.

User Info: bnmp

3 months ago#3
Play around with all the characters a bit to see which ones you feel fit you best.

Then, go to training and practice their basic moves, one at a time. Don't try to learn it all in one go, just get a better feel for which moves you can do. Use those moves in some fights, like a run through arcade. Rinse and repeat.

Like learning a language or a musical instrument, it takes some practice, patience, and consistency. Enjoy the ride.
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