Well that Multiverse was impossible....

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User Info: deadpool_legend

8 months ago#1
There was a multiverse event (still going on actually) where you faced 5 level 15 characters. First 4...pretty easy except they had notably higher defense then their gear and stats let on. Then I get to the final one which was Superman and I literally backed him into a corner, hitting him over and over for a solid minute or two and he wasn't even past his first health bar.

This was after I switched to Robin, I tried and failed as Red Hood even though Red Hood basically had higher stats than Superman...he was doing worse. I'd wail on Superman for minutes at a time and in 5 seconds, he'd do the same amount of damage I just did to him. He also spammed his lasers any time I tried to get close. And this was a level 3 challenge! Why the hell was the AI so ridiculous this time?
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User Info: MrFingerKnives

8 months ago#2
Glad I wasn't the only one to notice that ridiculous difficulty spike. I was auto leveling poison ivy and noticed she was getting worked over by the final superman. I let her try a couple of times and finally take the reigns with my lvl 20 Bane. It took me several tries to finally beat him. Psychic op geared superman was not fun
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8 months ago#3
My Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Red Hood, and Deadshot AI's failed. I went in manually and failed. Glad i ain't the only one.
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User Info: bnmp

8 months ago#4
AI is a cheating $#!¥.

User Info: Goomba

8 months ago#5
I almost beat him with dr fate. Then switched to reverse flash and won with half my health but it was no easy feat. That superman was absurd
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User Info: txbully

8 months ago#6
Took me 35 tries before I switched to my main.

I was trying to do it with red hood.
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User Info: deadpool_legend

8 months ago#7
I gave up too. I was literally spamming the same combo over and over again as Robin and I couldn't believe he kept getting hit by it. The AI was like really stupid and really obnoxious at the same time.

My Red Hood destroys every AI I fight against. Like even bosses are super easy with the gear I have on him. That Superman was harder than any of the bosses I've faced lately.
"Hairy Zeus on a traffic light!"
-Deadpool, Issue #3

User Info: greyfullbringer

8 months ago#8
Notice he's level 15 with level 20 gear lmfaoo
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User Info: Veladus

8 months ago#9
Stupid question, but have you tried pitting your own AI's against it?
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User Info: Legomaniac316

8 months ago#10
My black Adam Has 3000 strength, and he STILL only did like 60% of his total health. It's ridiculous
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