Do you prefer Good Superman or Bad Superman?

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User Info: Yuji Kaido

Yuji Kaido
10 months ago#1
topic - Results (527 votes)
68.88% (363 votes)
31.12% (164 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Bad is pretty self serving, but more interesting.
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User Info: bnmp

10 months ago#2
Good is better.

User Info: ChingTheMonkey

10 months ago#3
He's Superman, he's supposed to be the best, not the worst.
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User Info: Alexichu

10 months ago#4
Good for me.
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User Info: AfroPrime

10 months ago#5
While I find the crux of the Injustice run to be very interesting, a raging murderous Superman is not a good look for him. I'm not a fan of Superman really, but he's certainly preferable as a good guy. The premise behind his reign makes a lot of sense but unfortunately he went off the deep end after he began executing anyone who disagreed with his view, especially Billy.

User Info: mixedlion

10 months ago#6

Would like to see a bad Batman for once. Maybe Injustice 3...
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User Info: ArgoSexyMan

10 months ago#7

But Bad Superman is more interesting if that makes sense
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User Info: AfroPrime

10 months ago#8
ArgoSexyMan posted...

But Bad Superman is more interesting if that makes sense

It does. Superman's biggest flaw is that he's basically perfect, so having him fall like this is interesting indeed.
But since he's Superman you always want him to be on your team.

User Info: NintendogDaddy

10 months ago#9
Good. Superman should be incorruptible.
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User Info: Lizuka8002

10 months ago#10
When well written heroic Superman can still be an extremely compelling character. The point isn't to see him in danger in regards to external threats, it's to see him struggle with the status of being a paragon in a flawed world.

And saying that just makes me want to watch Superman vs. the Elite again. Goddamn I love that movie.
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