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User Info: NeverBeGameOver

1 year ago#21
The Jersey looks ugly af. Why do you desperately want one?

User Info: Mindwipe77

1 year ago#22
gamestop employees, usually keyholders, are allowed at least 1 jersey to themselves to help promote the game
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User Info: Neo_Sarevok

1 year ago#23
You should have been like, "Either you take off your shirt or I'll rip it off!"
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User Info: Phaze9

1 year ago#24
Still haven't heard back from LameStop yet. Go figure. Emailed them lol. I'll keep you all posted if I hear anything.

User Info: sajt007

1 year ago#25
My Gamestop told me to get there at 8:45 and that was when they would be doing a raffle. When I got there and 8:45 rolled around they decided to just give everyone a jersey since there weren't enough people to raffle them. Some kid and his mom came in late and the kid was a lil upset at first but his mom who made them late said she would get him something else to make up for it. He then asked her to get a $175 Harley Quinn statue for him.

I think my Gamestop did it right. They made sure all the early people had a jersey in the size they wanted.
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User Info: barefootabe

1 year ago#26
same crap at my store. they said they only got 10. yet a girl behind the counter was wearing one

User Info: Adenzia

1 year ago#27
GameStop employees keep that s*** all the time lol. I have insiders to get me stuff.
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User Info: doppelganger

1 year ago#28
Just another in a long line of shady business practices at Gamestop. It's kind of funny how everyone is all **** Gamestop in the forums, yet a pretty high percentage of people still buy stuff from there.

Seriously people, stop patronizing this terrible company. You have other, better options.

User Info: Iron_Legion27

1 year ago#29
Yea when I went to go pick up my ultimate edition, the gamestop employee was wearing one but yet they didn't have any for costumers SMH.
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User Info: ssgoku831

1 year ago#30
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