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User Info: babiesinsoup

1 year ago#41
christiankid7 posted...
babiesinsoup posted...
From my year on this board, not a SINGLE person suggested or wanted Azrael until that dumb silhouette came out

Hes a crappy character that went nowhere and noway hes in dlc. Big guy is Etrigan or Killer Croc

Ugh even worse is Talon

That's not completely accurate


I even made a post in there....

User Info: sajt007

1 year ago#42
christiankid7 posted...
sajt007 posted...
I'm still holding out that The Question will be in the game.

How would he play?

If Scarecrow is in this game and Pheonix Wright is in MvC3 then I'm sure they can figure it out.
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User Info: WarPixels

1 year ago#43
Add Rosh and make question premier skin

User Info: christiankid7

1 year ago#44
^Hopefully voiced by the same guy who voices Brainiac in this game
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