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User Info: txraider18

1 year ago#1
I'm not sure how Sony does their digital games licenses but I've got a question regarding digital games. If I buy Injustice 2 digital and put it on an external hard drive, would I be able to take that hard drive, download my save from the PSN cloud and play my games on a friend's PS4 without any problems including any DLC? I know the save stays on your PS4 hard drive but the cloud save and upload should solve that.

There are a couple games that I would take to a friends place like Injustice 2 and I do it with disks right now but I would rather have digital so just seeing if I can get the best of both worlds.

User Info: Ebak_the_cat

1 year ago#2
I would think there are measures in place to prevent that.
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User Info: DarkDeco

1 year ago#3
With Xbox, all I know is the user who purchased it has to be signed it to install/use it. So theoretically, you could go to a friend's and install the content and use it. Also whatever you set as your home console has access to any content you purchase. So if only you use your Xbox (or no one uses it without your user signed in), then there's no reason to set your home console as...well being your home console. If you make it a friends', now they can use everything you can.

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