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  3. What game engine is Injustice 2 on?

User Info: subzert

2 years ago#1
To my eyes the in game graphics looked like Unreal 4-ish...
What do you think until we hopefully get confirmation on this at e3...

Is it Unreal 3 tech upgraded upon MKX engine
or Unreal 4 or what... Personally i had hoped it and future NRS games on CryEngine because its is freaky amazing than anything else and imo only frostbite can challenge CryEngine but then again frostbite isnt available for 3rd party licensing ( wont count Fox engine because of Konami's mismanagement).

User Info: ArgoSexyMan

2 years ago#2
Seems like an upgraded MKX engine
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User Info: KnucklesIX

2 years ago#3
If any game has a new engine, I'd expect MK11 to because it's their main series.
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User Info: CourtCleaner

2 years ago#4
It's not unreal 4....
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User Info: KingOfAmarillo

2 years ago#5
It's the same modified UR3 engine that was used for MKX
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User Info: XdieX

2 years ago#6
It's a modified engine from MKX designed just for this game is from what I've read.
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User Info: GrandMast3r

2 years ago#7
If Injustice 2 looks this good with an updated UE3, I'm going to freak out when I see MK11 if it uses UE4.
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