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User Info: greywolf333

2 years ago#1
I've been thinking of picking up Xcom 2 and all the DLC, (loved the originals on PC and then on Xbox) but have read of all the bugs and loading issues from the past year and now with the new DLC problems last month.

Now I was wondering has all the freezing and the issues Downloading the new DLC and a lot of the other bugs been fixed over the last year to make it worth playing? Or is it still very buggy making it frustrating to play?

User Info: Sephirothe

2 years ago#2
I DLed the game recently and haven’t had any crashing or loading issues. I don’t have WotC though, so not sure about any issues that might be related to that DLC

Edit: I have Lost Towers and Alien Rulers
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User Info: greywolf333

2 years ago#3
Sounds good, Thanks for replying!

User Info: Lazeeey

2 years ago#4
greywolf333 posted...
Sounds good, Thanks for replying!

it's currently on free play days so you can give it a shot and the deluxe edition is only 30$
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User Info: busterwolf3

2 years ago#5
I’d like to know this too mainly about the dlc. I’ve been looking into it for awhile but I keep hearing how buggy it is on Xbox one.
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User Info: ImMaximusOz

2 years ago#6
It’s worse the longer into the campaign you get, I read there is a mid November patch to fix?
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User Info: Razer1313

2 years ago#7
I love this game and dlc but I'm not playing wotc again until we get another patch.
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User Info: wanderz

2 years ago#8
most of the reviews on amazon and other sites i looked at say it's good, but the expansion "war of the chosen" seems to cause problems.. not sure why the reviews on the xbox itself are more negative, could just be that it's more so the ones with problems posting reviews.
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