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User Info: Fog_Raw

5 months ago#1
Finally bought the DLC and instantly regret doing so. Started an Ironman campaign and went through the Snake King mission (DLC). Mission was fun.

A couple missions later, I was at a Blacksite mission and he showed back up. While I think this could be a cool mechanic, it made for simply impossible odds on the mission. He gets a turn everytime you move a soldier, and he came on when I was already fully engaged. I was still playing with a 5 man squad.

I really didn't even have an option to escape, as he came in from a flank, bringing other enemies with him.

I think having him come in on regular missions would be fun, but those odds on a Blacksite mission are near 0. Not fun when you're running Ironman and lose an entire squad, including top 2 soldiers.

I wish I could refund the DLC.
(edited 5 months ago)

User Info: DanGlynnJohnson

5 months ago#2
Fog_Raw posted...
but those odds on a Blacksite mission are near 0
Ermmm, how so?

I wish I could refund the DLC.
Seriously, dude? Lol. Suck it up and get back in there, soldier.

User Info: clandestine47

5 months ago#3
That's xcom baby. But seriously how did u have your game set like did u have to the mission with Bradford or start with them already wandering around? Best to do Bradford's mission to get some easy promotions and to start the rulers when your ready. When u have magnetic gear it's fine unless u get very lucky where my sniper killed the queen since he was atop a far away train and my reaper was hidden so it never triggered her turns.
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User Info: Shinjuiro

3 months ago#4
Don't play Bradford mission until you feel comfortably with your squad. Do it whenever you feel ready. Rulers won't be activated until you play Bradford mission.

If you have WotC DLC, then just turn on "integrate dlc content" and Rulers won't bother you until you infiltrate an alien facility with a ruler in it.
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User Info: zhukov1943

1 month ago#5
There's a "freeze grenade" (can't remember the real name) that makes those battles with Rulers a lot easier.
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  3. Impossible Blacksite mission with DLC active (spoiler)
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