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User Info: Heisenbird

2 months ago#1
Played the last gen’s XCOM extensively thus I know that I’ll be obsessing about every little action I take in the game to optimize my troops asap. With that said, what missions should I prioritize? Which weapons, classes, research, establishments should I go for right away? Any other tips on what to do first to be as strong as possible as fast as possible?

User Info: zhukov1943

1 month ago#2
My buddy who plays this obsessively swears by the Psi class soldiers - I find they come too late to be useful. I try to get magnetic weapons and to build the workshop as quickly as possible so I can start cranking out special ammo types. Hunting the "bosses" aggressively yields really good weapons, too, as you get to loot their alien tech weapons after you kill them. The shotgun, sword, pistol and assault rifle are all great, but the sniper rifle wasn't as good as the ones I could build (mainly because alien weapons can't use special ammo.)
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User Info: Dark_Epathy

1 month ago#3
Not sure if you will see this, but I would prioritize the guerrilla tactics school, advanced warfare center, and proving grounds as soon as possible. You will need to make a resistance comms and power relay before all of that, though, but I would opt for that over the science labs and so on.

Research the modular weapons and officer first as those will allow you to mod your weapons and research other things. Armor and weapons are important, but they will eat up your research time in the early going.

Also, when given choices between supplies, intel, and personnel (scientists and engineers), usually opt for the personnel unless you're hurting on the other resources.
You can get the bowblade early on too... if you are a murderer.
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