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  3. Whats the best time to do shens last gift mission?

User Info: xiahoudun_wb

5 months ago#1
I think I'm still in early phase of the game now after only finishing 2-3 missions
All good things must come to an end...
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User Info: Soldierwarrior

4 months ago#2
You should do it midgame.

If you have predator armor and mag weapons, then you should be more than ready for it. This is midgame to me.

If you just have Kevlar with the beginning weapons, you should just wait a little but it’s definitely do able. Bring like 2 grenadiers with the shredding ability. This is early game

If you have plasma rifles and warden armor, it won’t be much of a challenge. This is late game

User Info: Bigwakkyz

1 month ago#3
Actually..If you can deploy 5 teammate without mag weapon or armor

you can do Shen last gift...........

This DLC is god send for "Iron man" play through.....even if you fail the mission, the game is not can try again and again (if someone die during mission......... just suicide Lily to reset that part of mission again)

If you successful pass this DLC on early game and get SPARK alive you will has easy life in iron man play through...
(edited 1 month ago)
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  3. Whats the best time to do shens last gift mission?