Best Side Missions?

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User Info: Dr_Kain

1 year ago#21
kant69 posted...
That was the only time the game came close to the 'madness' of the first game.

Except you know, this game being actually fun. Or at least it was until that bulls*** that was the final mission.

User Info: TheLostLegend

1 year ago#22
The final mission was fine, albeit a bit easy for a final mission.
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User Info: a123454321

1 year ago#23
davey1_uk posted...
Can't remember the names so not much help! Having said that, I have almost completed the game (93% complete) and have done every side mission as they have come up and not found a bad one yet so would recommend doing all of them!

Where does it tell you the % complete?

User Info: Dr_Kain

1 year ago#24
TheLostLegend posted...
The final mission was fine, albeit a bit easy for a final mission.

I'm referring more to the outcome of the final mission. You go out the door and then that is it, it's over. No boss battle or anything. Just a cutscene and then the credits role. There wasn't even a post credits conversation. It was very underwhelming and knocked this game down a full star for me.

They also couldn't even be bothered to actually show you the city during the credits, it was just on a black boring screen for 40 minutes.

User Info: TheSuperGameGod

1 year ago#25
The side missions were too short...well most of them were. There's no more left for me. :(
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User Info: Shadowboxer77

1 year ago#26
Spoilers for the side mission Shadows

I really wish the side mission where you rescue Aiden ( main character from the first game) from gang members. I wish he had some interaction with Marcus or something or he even played a role similar to T Bone. Or better yet online cop op missions has one player as Marcus and the other as Aiden.
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