I finally went rogue.... [SPOILERS!!!]

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  3. I finally went rogue.... [SPOILERS!!!]

User Info: ticklememo

1 year ago#1
I tried to go the smart and stealth route. I really did. And I was doing a good job. Made it through the FBI with no problem. Then the ****** Tezcas happened. Then I couldn't be Mr. Nice Guy anymore. I slaughtered every last person in that place in cold blood. And it felt good. *Pours one out for Horatio*

User Info: TheKokopelli

1 year ago#2
Welcome to the dark side. I've been rogue since the first mission, though I mainly start by using the environment to kill them. Then it's pure guns blazing.
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User Info: BeefEaster

1 year ago#3
I started out trying to be non lethal too but it's so much more fun to mow down mofos with my auto shotgun and sticky grenades
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User Info: ticklememo

1 year ago#4
I'm probably gonna go back to my smart and stealthy ways. I needed to let out a lot of aggression because of that event.

User Info: Bloodlines1191

1 year ago#5
Because of how whiny the cops are in this, I had to stay stealthy (Thunderball reminds me of the Bar Fight from Out For Justice). How ever, when push comes to shove... DOT.EXE

And yes, Horatio was a bro. The Nudle Mission made me laugh xD

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User Info: thefinalzapkeet

1 year ago#6
Too bad Horatio was only in one mission and he's literally never mentioned again for the rest of the game
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User Info: MegamanXfan21xx

1 year ago#7
I'd like to be sneaky and non-homicidal, but with the taser not being silent, only temporarily knocking people out, and unconscious people being able to be woken up by other enemies, it's kinda useless. And while meleeing people makes them much more deeply unconscious, it takes kind of long to do the takedown, so there's a risk of being spotted. So f*** it, drone bombs for everybody.
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  3. I finally went rogue.... [SPOILERS!!!]

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