Silence of the Penelo

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User Info: mammarsinks

7 months ago#1
Penelo has silence cast upon her and no matter what I do to remove it is unsuccessful. Is this a glitch or am I missing something blanatly obvious. Thanks I use echo herbs and save and nothing happens. i killed her off but would really like to use her against aerial fors.

User Info: Microcastle

7 months ago#2
Check your equipment.
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User Info: OmigawdMatt

7 months ago#3
I thought this was a troll post to symbolize her lack of relevancy in the plot... Thanks GameFAQ board, you all broke me.

But to answer your question, it could be an equipment issue.

User Info: Arthaiin

7 months ago#4
It's probably one of the accessories you have. One of them provides half damage to all elements but also silences the individual as well.
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User Info: Mercenary12451

7 months ago#5
It is the manufacted nethicite Larsa gives her. Not sure if it is automaticaly equipped somehow but I had the same problem. Remove it and silence goes away.
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User Info: rosacea

7 months ago#6
Protip: read item descriptions before equipping them!

How do these people even function in life?
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User Info: Maelora

7 months ago#7
I assumed this was a joke topic (c'mon, it's been out 10 years now and we all know the Manufactured Nethecite jokes).

That said, it's Penelo, and frankly, she's a silent black void of a character.

User Info: UnlessJack

7 months ago#8
Pretty solid title, to be honest.
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User Info: kof2000

7 months ago#9
It puts the lotion on it's skin, or else it gets the hose again.

User Info: mammarsinks

7 months ago#10
Thank you for the replie. After Larsa regains the nethricite she returns ti normal. Took awhile.

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